Independent Control of the Entire Project Process:

Kinera has development capabilities in industrial design, chasis structural design, electo-acoustic engineering, electronic engineering, and other technical fields. We can complete projects on our own and have a clear competitive advantage in project completion time with good efficiency and new product product development cycle.

R&D Development Technology:

Kinera has world class leading Research and Development team. Our team is capable of developing the core earphone technology, the small driver used in the earphones. Now we can self produce dynamic driver units, balanced armature driver units and EST driver units on our own and use them to develop innovative earphones with exceptional sound quality.


Team Advantage:

Our team comes from different fields. In addition to the professional in the audio department, we have other strict requirements from the members of our team. Most of our team members are graduated from abroad and have rich experiences bringing different views and cultural information to Kinera. This provides us good exposure with the international world, and we can put our ideas and thoughts in to our products. Making them not only for Chinese market but also for International market.


Talking about experience our brand has Ten years of experience in R&D and Production. And Five years of experience in the production of IEM’s. We have manufactured driver units and more for brands like JBL, AKG, Samsung, and other internationally known brands.