Technical Specifications:-

  • >Hybrid Dual Driver Setup, One 8mm DD, One BA Driver.
  • >Impedance: 17 ohms.
  • >Sensitivity: 108 +/- 2dB.
  • >Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.
  • >0.78mm two-pin SPC cable with 3.5mm termination plug.

Kinera released their latest dual driver in-ear monitor, the Kinera Seed. It features a dual-driver hybrid setup each side, a small form factor and provides a natural and crisp sound output.

Dual Driver Hybrid Setup:-

The Kinera Seed features a dual hybrid driver setup on each side. It features an 8 mm dynamic driver unit paired with a balanced armature driver unit. It reproduces outstanding sound output with crisp details and clarity.

Small Form Factor, Comfortable Fit:-

The Kinera Seed earpieces have a small form factor and a strong and tough build quality. They are very lightweight and provide the users with a comfortable and firm fit. Users won’t get tired even after long music sessions.

Powerful and Crisp Sound Output:-

The Kinera Seed provides a powerful and crisp sound output It reproduces minutest of the details with utmost precision and crisp clarity. The bass has powerful and deep thumps, vocals feel alive and natural, while the treble section is detailed and smooth. There is no sign of sibilance or harshness even at louder volumes.

Low Impedance, Easy to drive:-

The Kinera Seed has a low impedance rating of just 17 ohms. It also has a higher sensitivity of 108dB, making the pair very easy to drive. Users will be able to enjoy high-quality music easily with their smartphones.

6-Core SPC Cable:-

The Kinera Seed comes bundled with a 6-Core AWG SPC(silver plated copper) cable. It has a 0.78mm two-pin interface providing a strong connection between the cable and the earpieces. The cable provides an uninterrupted signal from the source to the earpieces with very low internal resistance.

Package Contents:-

>One pair of Kinera Seed in-ear monitors.

>One 6 Core AWG SPC Cable with 3.5mm termination plug.

>Protective carry pouch.

>Three pairs of Silicone Ear tips.

>User guide.

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