Microphone version M49-MUTE is adopted on Ruyi, this is a high fidelity audio pickup receptor with high sensitivity and wide frequency response. Vocals can be transmitted with highest purity possible, which shall be the best option for the following scenarios: voice calls, karaoke on phone, streaming with vocals, online classes.

Remote Control Functions For Ease Of Use

A multi-function remote control is attached to the Ruyi cable with simple and direct control options for ease of use, which is compatible with IOS and Android OS.

Patent No: 202221362783.4

Crystal of Truth Orlog upgrade cables bears a very overall balanced tonality, benefited from the high purity gold and silver material mixed in wire cores, the mid-range vocals are creamy and rich textured, very elastic & punchy bass response with nice overtones, its luxurious & delicate trebles are such a perfect match to charming & classy music.

This is the collaboration between Kinera and highly reputable Hi-fi acoustic cable company Effect Audio for our first high end IEM upgrade cable. Exterior appearance custom designed by Kinera led artistic team, tuning concept and testing handled by Effect Audio professional acoustic engineers. Together we present a high end IEM upgrade cable with luxurious design and texture, Orlog is the master of all existence within the Norse Mythology. He is the most primitive being, he didn’t do anything to the world, and nothing was done. He is the incarnation of the concept of “Fate”. He owns the oldest and most enduring will. There is no beginning and no end for his being. He sets the order. He selects life. He is the weaver of the web of all destiny. Staring at the World Tree holding up nine realms. Let art form come into our life in a closer way than we imagine.

The tuning is finished with good control over sibilance. Overall tuned with a pyramid shaped frequency distribution providing a warm and roomy tonality, thanks to our SPD 2.0™

We have used an enhanced Kinera SPD 2.0™ on Pandamon, providing the following acoustic quality improvements. First overall frequency sensitivity enhanced by 3db to be an even mobile phone friendlier IEM. Second we coupled a BA driver on our first iteration of SPD™ to compliment treble delivery, but SPD 2.0™ is capable to deliver full frequency range, self-sufficient to provide a complete listening experience, eliminating any possible frequency interferences or unwanted acoustic effects. It’s rich texture and relaxed tonality is a perfect partner when you want to enjoy your beloved music during commute or after a long day’s work.

Patent No: 202210501890.9

Gumiho has a shocking low frequency performance. For the first time, you will hear a speaker-like loose and natural in earphone, with texture, volume, and transient response. The mid-range vocals are clear and detailed.

It adopts Kinera new generation of 10*10mm Square Planar Driver for bass. After testing hundreds of driver materials, at last our own planar material & mechanical design was achieved. It breaks through in the low-frequency limit of dynamic driver. With excellent transient response, the low frequency maintains a sense of depth and volume.

Patent No: 202210501890.9

“Gramr” is equipped with a detachable Boom Mic. It is light, comfortable to wear and flexible for any angle.It has the characteristics of high sensitivity and little noise. It performs excellent whenever gaming or singing.

Sword of God's Wrath

“Gramr” is designed with interchangeable plugs, equipped with 3.5mm and 4.4mm copper-plated 24K gold plugs, which can meet the requirements of popular players in the market. There are 0.78 2pin and MMCX interface. In addition, Lightning and Type-C plugs are optional, you can also enjoy music anytime with your phone.

Patent No: 202221362783.4

Kinera High Sensitivity & Low Power Electrostatic Driver + Kinera Customized K10012 BA Driver + 10mm Coaxial Dual-magnetic Tesla Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver

Explore The Sound In Dark

Thanks to Hodur special acoustic structure, the performance of all drivers have been well exerted, and the sound has been better restored. All frequency is closely integrated, rich in layers, presenting sound details. With the idea of “perceiving the darkness”, the tuning engineer brings a relaxed atmosphere and a full sound stage to the listeners, wandering in the ocean of music and feeling the surging of the undercurrent.

2 Sonions EST + 2 Titanium Crystal Diaphragm Coaxial DD + 1 Kinera Customize 11021 BA

The Past Is Treasure For The Present And Future

URD bass uses titanium crystal diaphragm coaxial double dynamic, through careful tuning, the characteristics of deep diving and fast transient response of this unit are brought into play. The high frequency adopts the Sonion new generation EST65DB01 composite double electrostatic unit to make the treble possess stronger ductility. The mid-range is connected by the dynamic driver 11021 customized by Kinera.