7.1 Virtual Surround Sound

Featuring a 50mm large composite diaphragm driver for powerful stereo eftects and balanced sound across frequencies. Experience a broad, vivid soundstage with clear, immersive audio for a thrilling gaming experience. Enhance your gaming with 7.1 virtual surround sound for immersive experiences and precise sound positioning. Capture every detail, miss no subtle sound, and gain the upper hand to defeat your enemies. Personalize your lighting with software controls select from steady, breathing, color cycle, or heartbeat effects. A vibrant circular light adds a unique touch to your gaming space. Enhance audio with quality output and stability. The CM6533X1 chip microphone delivers precise voice capture and noise reduction for clear gaming communication.

SPD™ 2.0 is an excellent full-range Square Planar Driver, based on reasonable structure and solid materials, compared with other driver have a small size, high sensitivity, smooth three-frequency articulation, balanced energy distribution characteristics. Ultra-low impedance makes it possible to drive a planar earphone from a mobile phone as well.

Patent No: 202210501890.9


Verdandi offers a warm and refined sound signature characterized by balanced tonality and an expansive soundstage. It performs well across a range of genres, including chamber music, pop, and jazz. In terms of vocals, Verdandi provides clear spatial perception with a moderate distance, avoiding a close-up sensation while maintaining good density. The high-frequency range is delicate, transparent, and exhibits excellent extension and detailed rendering. With the inclusion of dual electrostatic drivers, the earphone ensures a stable and clear background for the voices of modern goddesses, creating an expansive soundstage for an immersive listening experience, particularly for live recordings.

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Celest Plutus Beast feature a powerful core driver configuration consisting of 1 BC ( Bone Conduction Driver ), 1 BA ( Balanced Armature Driver ) and 1 SPD™ ( Square Planar Driver ) with a patented acoustic structure Custom 10mm BC Driver ( Bone Conduction Driver )

Kinera SPD™ ( Square Planar Driver ) Plutus Beast earphones utilize a planar driver that is a full-range driver primarily responsible for low, mid, and high frequencies. This planar driver fully leverages its excellent characteristics, ensuring balanced distribution across the three frequency ranges and effectively avoiding distortion.

Kinera Custom 10mm BC Driver ( Bone Conduction Driver ) Plutus Beast earphones are equipped with a customized contact-type bone conduction driver, which works in synergy with the balanced armature driver to further enhance the low frequencies and overall ambiance, providing an immersive audio experience.

Wireless Neckband Cable with Boom Mic

Detachable Boom Mic, Low-Latency, Ultra-Clear Communication, advanced boom mic recording and audio transmission speed greatly improved, effectively reducing noise interference. You can communicate peacefully even in noisy environments.

Bluetooth 5.3 lower power consumption, faster transmission, and more stable connection 4x speed improvement, low latency, high-fidelity sound quality, and super-low power consumption.

Type-C charging port is used, which has better universality and greatly improved durability. It comes with a seal cover that can prevent dust and sweat.

Goddess of Beauty, Freya

This pair of Freya 2.0 earphones embodies the integration of the “Goddess of Beauty, Freya” with maturity and elegance. It exudes a sense of romance while being generous, warm, and translucent. Sometimes alluring and charming, and at other times relaxed and carefree.

Violet liqueur is the soul of the Aviation. Paired with Maraschino liqueur, it has a soft floral, fruity and herbal aroma. Fresh lemon juice is mixed into the gin as the base wine. The overall taste is sweet and sour, mellow and refreshing, filled with the breath of spring. Just like the violet liqueur, which is between refreshing and warm, Aviation tone is neutral, accompanied by full of spring vitality, it seems to fill the sound stage. Through the unique 3+1 frequency division processing, the bass is full of impact, the mid-range is rich, and the high frequency has a long and pleasant aftertaste.

I Heard That Is The Taste of Spring

Aviation adopts a custom-made 8mm dynamic unit as the sound bottom of the full frequency. 2 Knowles 32873 BA drivers handle the mid-range and high frequencies. 1 Knowles 33518 BA is responsible for high frequency and ultra-high frequency. In order not to suppress the performance of33518 BA, the conventional 3-way tuning scheme is unable to adapt to its excellent high-frequency. Therefore, through the advanced tuning technology, the overall 3-way frequency is completed and then special process, so that the high-frequency extension performance and the avoidance of squealing sound are considered. After finely tuned, the overall sound is more comfortable and freer, with moderate energy distribution.

Whisky that has just been distilled is colorless and transparent, and it only acquires color after aging in oak barrels. Purple is a mysterious, romantic and elegant color, healing everyone who loves her. We chose the innocent silvery white to symbolize the original Whisky, while the purple Whisky gives romance to every wine lover.

Base Wine - "Water of Life" Whisky

The delicate, sweet and taste of Irish Whisky are loved by more Whisky lovers. Whisky cable seeks the “taste” of Irish Whisky as much as possible. The tone is brighter, and the sound is in the middle and high frequencies. The overall sense of hearing is warm, soft and comfortable, the middle frequency is full and the human voice is sweet and close to the ear with melodious and pleasant treble.

Using the 2019 Harman curve as the frequency response target curve, the earphones present a more realistic and natural sound through scientific curve adjustment. In terms of sound performance, the three frequencies are balanced, with moderate low-frequency quantity, centered mid-frequency vocals, delicate and mild sound, transparent and moderately bright high frequencies without being harsh. Smooth instrument transitions, allow for the restoration of music details and control of different styles of music such as pop, classical, and rock.

The Primordial God of Chinese Mythology

The Wyvern is equipped with a 10mm diameter LCP liquid crystal diaphragm dynamic driver. The diaphragm material is made of liquid crystal polymer, a new type of polymer material, which has the characteristics of lightness, high frequency response, low distortion, and high reliability. It greatly improves the resolution and separation of sound quality, reduces non-linear distortion and harmonic distortion, accurately reproduces human voice, and naturally connects the sound, making the earphone’s resolution, transient performance and high-frequency detail reproduction all better.

“PhoenixCall” has an overall bright sound with deep and elastic bass that is gentler and more relaxed. The midrange has a solid and natural sound, while the high frequencies are clear, bright, and clean. The soundstage is spacious and natural, with round and smooth vocals and strong resolution, providing you with a comfortable music experience.

The Legends of Mountains and Seas

“PhoenixCall” uses a 7mm strong magnetic coil for the low frequencies, a customized BA driver for the mid frequencies, another customized BA driver for the mid-high frequencies, and two flat panel driver for the ultra-high frequencies. Through careful frequency division tuning, it presents characteristics of powerful bass, accurate midrange, and sweet highs, resulting in an overall bright, transparent, and natural sound that is suitable for pop music.

Compared to the first generation, the upgraded Ace 2.0 cable has shown a significant improvement in overall sound quality, particularly in terms of sound texture. The sound is clearer and more solid, with a larger soundstage, and sounds more relaxed and natural. The high-frequency performance is natural, with a moderate proportion and brightness of instruments, and a solid texture. The mid-frequency and vocal positioning are closer, and the vocal imaging is quite realistic. The low frequency details are clear and have a sense of atmosphere. Overall, it is a more pure and high-quality cable

Magic Bracelet - Ace 2.0

Ace 2.0 adopts a replaceable plug design and is equipped with three types of front-end plugs: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm. These include a 2.5mm balanced plug, a 4.4mm balanced plug, and a 3.5mm single-ended plug, making it suitable for most playback devices. Users can switch between plugs according to their needs. Additionally, the copper-gold plated plug material effectively reduces oxidation at the interface, reduces resistance, and improves conductivity. The earphone end plugs are available in two types: 0.78mm 2-pin and mmcx, which are smooth and durable for insertion and removal.

Balanced atmospheric sound style, with slightly prominent mid-range vocals, solid and stable bass, abundant energy, detailed and delicate high-end, and a tidy soundstage. Suitable for pop, jazz, and small ensemble recordings.

A flagship quadbrid driver In-Ear Monitors with outstanding detail performance that combines the characteristics of multiple acoustic drivers. It has good elasticity and clear, deep bass. The mid-range (vocals) has a strong sense of density and distinct layers and the high-end is transparent, delicate, and well-extended, with delicate and rich overtones thanks to the electrostatic unit. The ultra-wide frequency response brings an expansive, transparent soundstage space.

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With Kinera’s engineering expertise and Z Reviews’ extensive knowledge on Hi-Fi audio products, the team has been able to bring about tonal and technical perfection to the beloved Nanna model. Featuring enhanced tuning changes, a new design, and an upgraded modular cable, the Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition is the ultimate form of the Nanna.

The original Nanna was beloved for its tonal balance and technical superiority. With suggestions from Z Reviews, the new Kinera Nanna 2.1 Z-Tune Edition has been retuned to integrate a more robust bass impact compared to the original model. With a more powerful dynamic driver, the bass region from 5 to 250Hz has been elevated by 3.5dB to create a more substantial rumble and powerful sub-bass resonance. This update brings about a more fullness in the overall sound of the Nanna and makes for a more exciting and engaging listening compared to its previous version. This update was inspired by home theater audio, and successfully mimics the audio experience and fullness of enjoying your music in a professional loudspeaker setup.