Adonis New sound field is regular, the tone neutral, low-frequency with quite an impact, mid-range vocal part of the thick and emotional, high-frequency solid and low-frequency mirror each other, the overall energy is abundant and full, rich in detail, full of infectious force. Make hip hop, rock and other fast pace, need to feel the music of the song becomes more exciting, enjoyable.

Adonis New is upgraded to a combination of pinecone and resin on the previous generation of birch shell, retaining the natural form of the pinecone, filled with resin, and carved in one piece by CNC, ultimately presenting different textures and patterns.

Official Partner: Knowles

Verdandi offers a warm and refined sound signature characterized by balanced tonality and an expansive soundstage. It performs well across a range of genres, including chamber music, pop, and jazz. In terms of vocals, Verdandi provides clear spatial perception with a moderate distance, avoiding a close-up sensation while maintaining good density. The high-frequency range is delicate, transparent, and exhibits excellent extension and detailed rendering. With the inclusion of dual electrostatic drivers, the earphone ensures a stable and clear background for the voices of modern goddesses, creating an expansive soundstage for an immersive listening experience, particularly for live recordings.

Official Partner: Knowles,  Sonion, Flash Acoustics, AZLA, Final Audio