2 Sonions EST + 2 Titanium Crystal Diaphragm Coaxial DD + 1 Kinera Customize 11021 BA

The Past Is Treasure For The Present And Future

URD bass uses titanium crystal diaphragm coaxial double dynamic, through careful tuning, the characteristics of deep diving and fast transient response of this unit are brought into play. The high frequency adopts the Sonion new generation EST65DB01 composite double electrostatic unit to make the treble possess stronger ductility. The mid-range is connected by the dynamic driver 11021 customized by Kinera.

Kinera 7mm Titanium Plated Dome PU + 1 Knowles BA + 1 Kinera Customize BA

Perceive The Power Of Youth

Idun is a hybrid IEM, with 2BA1DD unit, including Kinera 7mm titanium-plated dome PU composite high poly fiber suspension diaphragm dynamic unit, Knowles RAF-32873 BA unit and Kinera customized BTC-30095 BA driver. The 3-frequency energy distribution is balanced with high consistency.

Hybrid ANC | Hand Painted | Custom 10mm driver 

10th Anniversary Handpainted Limited Edition 2000 Units Worldwide

Patent No. CN305877533S

4 Sonions EST  + 2 Knowles BA  +  1 Kinera Customize DD

Flagship Configuration and Hall Experience

Break through the structural limit of small cavity. Total 7 units of 1DD+2BA+4 EST drivers are parallel placed in the shell, which combines the electrostatic unit treble ductility and BA high resolution. Dynamic driver offers good and flexible bass, presenting a hall-level auditory experience, even if you wear it for a long time, it is light and comfortable.

3 Knowles BA  +  2 Kinera Customize BA

Turbulence In Balance

Decided to extend the tuning of NORN mid-range and treble, Skuld adopts Knowles composite RAF-32873 and Kinera customized SWFK-31736 balanced aramture units. Tried several mid and bass BA units, It cannot satisfy vertical & horizontal soundstage, and smooth connection between the three frequencies in the same time. After selecting, finally use Knowles CI-22955 as the low-frequency sound unit.

2 Knowles BA & 2 Kinera Custom BA +  Kinera Custom Titanium Diaphragm DD

Collision of Acoustic & Visual Art

Based on the understanding of Norn, destiny is sometimes high-pitched and sometimes quiet, sometimes wild and sometimes gentle, so Kinera tuning engineer is committed to the pursuit of high resolution, clear positioning, highfrequency extension, low frequency impact, spacious soundstage and sweetvoice in the tuning.

3 Balanced Armature drivers + 1 Single Dynamic Driver

Exterior design is Pure Hand-painted

After three months of intensive research, Kinera’s chief designer experimented with a variety of materials and hand-painting techniques to find the most suitable color combinations and painting materials to represent the goddess Kinera Freya.

1DD + 1 Mids Sonion BA + 2 Sonion Electrostatic Driver

Kinera BD005 Pro

Kinera has brought us an improved version of its highly successful BD005 IEM, the BD005 Pro. It features hand-crafted 3D printed beautiful earpieces housing a hybrid driver configuration for your musical needs.

Hybrid Driver Configuration

The Kinera BD005 Pro features a two-driver hybrid setup on both sides. The pair houses a large 9.2mm beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver unit paired with a custom-tuned 30095 series high-frequency Balanced Armature driver.

3D Printed Earshell

Kinera has made a name in the industry for its beautifully designed earpieces, the BD005 Pro is also not an exception. The pair is crafted beautifully with a lot of R&D on unit design, acoustic tube structure, and different ear shapes to create a product with a super comfy fit and user experience. You are gonna love the comfort level with the BD005 Pro even after long music, gaming, and movie sessions.

Create Your Own IEM

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