Celest Gumiho

$ 49$ 118

  • Kinera 10mm SPD ™ ( Square Planar Driver ) + 1BA
  • Impedance: 9 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 106+/- 1 dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Silver plated copper + Alloy pure copper Cable
  • 3.5mm / 4.4mm Termination Plug
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Kinera exclusive technology Kinera 10mm SPD ™ ( Square Planar Driver ) for bass. After testing hundreds of driver materials, at last our own planar material & mechanical design was achieved. It breaks through in the low-frequency limit of dynamic driver. With excellent transient response, the low frequency maintains a sense of depth and volume.

Patent No: 202210501890.9


Technical Specification


Shell Design


The design idea comes from the nine-tailed fox in the “Classic of Mountains and Seas”, which not only means auspiciousness, but also is graceful and luxurious, expressing nice expectations in the heart.

Gumiho has a 3D printing shell cavity. With the technique of 3D relief, finely engraved cloud patterns, depicting a lifelike scene of Gumiho stepping on the clouds and riding the wind. Black/silver cavity and high saturation color matching is the main tone. Pure white Gumiho texture as the starting point, golden auspicious cloud texture and red tail of Gumiho pattern are embellished, which fully reflect the Chinese color in the earphone cavity. Bright color matching and unique embossed patterns make the classic nine-tailed fox combine with modern aesthetics and trendy colors. The overall design strives to be simple and can reflect a sense of luxury.

It has unique cavity and smooth contour lines of the earphone shell. With the frosted process, it is carefully crafted, which can see the rigor of ingenuity.

The fashionable Chinese style not only stays in the earphone cavity, but also integrates into the outer packing. The illustration depicts elements such as totem auspicious clouds and ginkgo leaves are included to tell the story of Gumiho.

Kinera 10mm SPD ™ ( Square Planar Driver )


It adopts Kinera new generation of 10*10mm Square Planar Driver for bass. After testing hundreds of driver materials, at last our own planar material & mechanical design was achieved. It breaks through in the low-frequency limit of dynamic driver. With excellent transient response, the low frequency maintains a sense of depth and volume.

Kinera Custom BA Unit


Kinera Custom BA Driver is for high frequency. The sound is delicate and elegant, comfortable and durable. Combination with the middle and low frequency is natural and harmonious.

Tuning Concept


Gumiho has a shocking low frequency performance. For the first time, you will hear a speaker-like loose and natural in earphone, with texture, volume, and transient response. The mid-range vocals are clear and detailed.

Drawing on the frequency division concept of speakers, we adopted a tuned ultra-high frequency unit specially matched with the mid-low frequency driver to strengthen its extension. While maintaining the harmony and consistency of the sound, it brings a bright, pleasant and not harsh elegant treble.

Frequency Graph


What’s In The Box



  • Celest 221 Vocal Eartips ( White ) : Enhance treble, pleasing vocal
  • Celest 822 Eartips ( Black ) : Balanced and clear 

Weight Of Earbuds

  • The weight of earbud is only 3.9± g each side,  comfortable for wearing for a long time.

Nozzle size

  • Nozzle size is 5.5mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.

Package Contents

  • One pair of Celest Gumiho In-ear monitors.
  • One 3.5mm Silver plated copper + Alloy pure copper cable.
  • Six pairs ( 221 & 822 ) of Celest Custom ear tips.
  • Storage Bag.
  • Clean Brush.
  • User Manual.

Reviews From Specialists

Author: OspreyAndy
"For a unit costing $49, Celest Gumiho is a fairly exciting IEM for casual use. And thus the perspective of judging this unit must take into account what does the entire package entails. Gumiho ultimately is a good sounding IEM with vibrant and technically competent output. There's cons here and there, but then at this price point it is highly negligible. The Pro outweighs the cons. Perhaps most important is the need to find the right tips to match the sonic output. Gumiho Celest is among the few of IEMs that's highly tuneable with tips pairing. This would require some effort but once the sweet spot identified, the results will not fail to put smile on our faces."
Author: gadgetgod
"Gumiho is an outstanding debutant pair from Celest. I agree it’s not flawless, but it surely delivers an amazing experience for its listeners. Gumiho packs amazing clarity, and amazing resolution, and delivers it nicely too. You also don’t need a powerful source and can enjoy the set anywhere you want. If you want a good taste of a Planar IEM but don’t want to break the bank, Celest Gumiho is a good option with good sound and comfortable fit!! Well, that’s about the Celest Gumiho from my side. I hope you guys liked my review, feel free to ask me any questions regarding the Gumiho in the comments section below."
Author: Headphones and Coffee
"The Sub-Bass extends down deep with a more than adequate punch, it has a fast decay and maintains control while providing good texture and details. Mid-Bass has a little more emphasis, providing a good punch with very good speed. Mids sound neutral with some warmth and present with a little recession but still have details and body, vocals sound slightly forward with their placement being accurate. Treble was decently open and airy with details and sparkle; it was smooth and crisp without being overly harsh and normal volumes. "
Author: aakashk
“Gumiho is a great debutant product from Celest. Sure, it’s not a perfect pair and has got its own set of flaws, but overall a pretty enjoyable set for the price. It’s actually good to see that the Planar driver-based IEMs are getting more and more affordable day by day. Gumiho gives a good taste of planar technology at an affordable price!!”
Author: Dhruv Tampa
"Celest Gumiho is a great-sounding pair under the $50 mark. The new SPD driver works in its favor and it pairs well with the added BA driver. I enjoyed my time with the pair and personally would recommend the set to people who want to experience, fast, detailed, and precise sound at a budget price. This makes the Gumiho an ideal choice for fast genres of music such as Rock, Pop, and Hip-Hop. Also, it performs well as a gaming earphone too."
Author: suicideup
"Despite being Celest’s first (technically) product, the Celest Gumiho overall impressed me. From its theme, accessories, fit, and sound quality, the Gumiho is a must-try-and-own IEM for anyone. Its all-rounder sound makes it versatile for any track you use it with, as long as you are setting your standards for what it is worth. Not to mention that its drivers are the first of their kind I have heard of, which makes it a bit of a good risk for the company. Hats off to these companies who always do their best to offer new things to the table! "
Author: SherryLion
"To conclude, I can recommend Gumiho to those who wants a more affordable Timeless with relaxed tuning over upper mid-range and treble. This fun and balanced sounding IEM is presentative and inexpensive for the features it delivers, I must also add the tinny quality of the BA that can be an issue for some. However I usually prefer neutral with sub bass boost signature, but I can elude away to have some fun time with these."
Author: Redcarmoose
"My most favorite part of what this IEM does. The love the Gumiho has much to do with the overall balance. That’s right the balance of bass to mids, and the balance of treble to bass….etc, etc. You see, while we are missing much of the resolution found in pricer IEMs, the balance and vividness make way for entertainment. There is sub-bass which can offer a surprise being staged way out left and right, in its own free area creation. While not really defined or textured, it’s still fully fun, despite the lack of any real form of pace. Holding the rhythm hostage with an “I’ll do what I want, when I want attitude” we are at the mercy of such brutish demeanor, yet hold fascination despite the understanding of lack of detail. It’s at these times we realize the pace can be fully ignored, and almost a washout in fast music. While it just seems to be forgiveness, due to the bigness of the gifts presented. This style of response is the full definition of a guilty pleasure. It’s that you love something not for its strengths, but its defects, almost."
Author: GojiFi
"The bass can be described into a single word: impactful. It is full-bodied and well-extended to the deepest depths of the sub-bass frequencies. Although I can say that the Gumiho has a bias for the mid-bass frequencies, it does not overdo it by being excessively punchy to the point that it smacks you in the face. It has that right amount of both sub-bass rumble and mid-bass impact that make it more engaging than your regular IEM release in the price bracket, resulting in an inoffensive fun experience that caters to both balanced users and bassheads. People of the latter preference can use EQ to boost their much-needed frequencies to get their bass fix; the Gumiho is more than capable of doing that."
Author: nxnje
"The Gumiho are a well done product. Something still needs to be refined and there’s no doubt about it, but the starting point is good, and their novel SPD technology seems to have enough potential to improve and show better performance in future releases (if adopted again). The Gumiho are not for everyone, both because of their lower midrange thinness and their treble sparkle, but they deliver excellent bass performance and the technicalities are on point for today’s standards, not to mention that the packaging and the accessories are definitely above average for the price. Thumbs up to Celest for this first release."
Author: TimmyVangtan
"In the context of $50 IEMs, even with all the shortcomings, the Gumiho performs above average. The tonality is still pleasant, with a decent detail level for the price. While it's not sitting at the top of the food chain any day soon, it's still a viable option for the money. So the bottom line question is, do I recommend the Celest Gumiho at $50? The answer is yes, but with a caveat. As stated initially, this is more of a bass lover/ warm enthusiast IEM. It has the fun and engaging low end to sound satisfying while being tonally decent in the rest of the range. The warm touch works with most music genres and can be listened to for a long time without fatigue. If that sounds like what you're seeking, the Gumiho is a thumbs up from me. However, if you desire a more neutral option with better vocal clarity, I will point you to Moondrop Chu, 7Hz Zero, and Truthears x Crinacle Zero as the better options. Kinera "Celest" Gumiho Overall Grade: B-"
Author: ywheng89
"While the Gumiho does excel in soundstage and imaging, it does have its weaknesses as well, which i have mentioned above, for me, i’d say it is certainly not an all rounder , and picky in terms of genre, it gets very fatigued after a little while for EDM because of the energetic treble. I wouldn’t go as far as saying this is a bad set just because it doesn’t work well with my library. If you are sensitive to the high like me, you may swap out the stock cable to a pure copper cable and also swap the eartip to Final’s Type E eartip to tame the high and at the same time, it will have better note weights. If you prefer energetic treble and slightly cool tone, you may stick with the stock setup, otherwise, you may try out the tweak i suggested. At 49$, no doubt it is an interesting offering in terms of the price considering most of the planar offerings are priced a lot higher. The performance of Gumiho is inline with the asking price in my opinion."
Author: PROblemdetected
"The tuning is clearly warmer, with lot of body on bass that extends well to the mids. All the frequencies got the ability to give all the texture and info with a musical presentation. Its not the more analytical earphone out there but its clearly on a nice place to get best of both side (musical and analytical) With the warmer tonality and coloration presentation, the organic and body this driver has, because of the “special build” it has, you are going to find an engaging and musical earphone, with some sibilancies on “S” and “T”.
Author: cqtek
"It is clear that Kinera has made a creative effort in the design of the Celest Gumiho. The new, unique SPD driver is a real eye-catcher for the budget-minded enthusiast. And Kinera has created a model that is equally attractive and very much in keeping with its price range. It is also worth noting that the Gumiho is a hybrid set, consisting of a square planar driver and a BA driver customised by the brand itself. All this suggests that we are in front of a great product, if we evaluate the level of packaging, presentation and iconography used. But the final result depends on the sound. And this sound is peculiar. The presentation is warm, with a tendency towards darkness, rounded and smooth. It is not a very fast driver, nor is it very detailed. In addition to this, there is a somewhat uneven distribution in the treble, which conditions the timbre of the whole. On the other hand, these are IEMS with a good bass performance, musical and inoffensive, in general. Finally, I would also like to highlight the ergonomic design of the Celest Gumiho. It’s true that we are dealing with the first version of the SPD driver and that a second "full range" version has already been released in the model called Pandamon. But the competition is very tough and if you compare it with some of the IEMS with DD drivers of the moment, the Celest Gumiho are a little bit behind in technical matters. But there will always be fans who like a profile like the one described.”
Author: asifur
"The GUMIHO comes with good bass performance for the price range and specially for a planar IEM. The sub-bass has details and the mid-bass comes with enough rumble and slam. In tracks like: "Fools Paradise (LP Version) – Donna Lewis" and "Chocolate Chip Trip - Tool" you can feel the bass attack and also hear all the tiny nuances' of the sub-bass. The midrange comes with ample texture and clarity in the GUMIHO. There is good amount of muscle and texture and the instruments sound very lively and enjoyable. Vocals are very immersive and both male and female vocals come with ample amount of details and feel very real. Transients are good for a planar. In tracks like: "Anchor - Trace Bundy", "A dog named Freedom – Kinky Friedman" and "Ruby Tuesday – Franco Battiato" it’s really easy to get lost into the music as it comes with ample detailed transients, texture, excellent vocals and details. The treble feels quite engaging without being fatiguing or offensive. The treble performance was quite enjoyable and Cymbals sound very life-like and real in tracks like “Chocolate Chip Trip – Tool”. However, there might be slight loss of details in certain cases - but I guess that is nit-picking. Treble in tracks like: "Paradise Circus – Massive Attack", "Mambo for Roy – Roy Hargrove” and "Saints and Angels – Sharon Shannon" feel smooth & creamy with the right amount of air and texture and just feels very buttery smooth. The Staging capabilities of the GUMIHO is the quite good and above average for price range. It comes with the right amount of width, height, depth and is well defined and just as much as the track requires. Tracks like: “The Secret Drawer – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones” or “She Don’t know – Melody Gardot” or “Bohemian Rhapsody (live aid) – Queen” sound amazing & enjoyable. Imaging is quite spot on and location of each instrument can be felt quite clearly on the GUMIHO. Tracks like: “Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) - The Beautiful South “or “Hello Again - Howard Carpendale & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” just shine through. However, the separation is something you feel could be better."