Celest Plutus Beast

$ 89

  • 1 Bone Conduction Driver + 1BA + 1 SPD™ ( Square Planar Driver )
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 108 dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 5N Copper Silver Plated
  • Plug 3.5mm / 4.4mm Balanced
  • Celest 221 Vocal Eartips
  • Celest 608 Balanced Eartips
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Kinera exclusive technology Kinera 10mm SPD ™ ( Square Planar Driver ) for bass. After testing hundreds of driver materials, at last our own planar material & mechanical design was achieved. It breaks through in the low-frequency limit of dynamic driver. With excellent transient response, the low frequency maintains a sense of depth and volume.

Patent No: 202210501890.9

Kinera Custom 10mm BC Driver ( Bone Conduction Driver ) The Plutus Beast earphones are equipped with a customized contact-type bone conduction driver, which works in synergy with the balanced armature driver to further enhance the low frequencies and overall ambiance, providing an immersive audio experience.

Patent No: 202320659625.3


Technical Specification


Shell Design


1. Aesthetic Design Beyond Imagination

The Plutus Beast is often regarded as a symbol of wealth, symbolizing ‘Imperial Treasure’ (Tianlu). Celest’s design team meticulously reimagines the divine beast Plutus Beast. Through clever design and exquisite hand-painted craftsmanship, the IEM features smooth lines and powerful aesthetics. This design element echoes Plutus Beast ‘s fondness for gold and silver jewelry. For material selection, Celest uses skin-friendly resin material, which is 3D printed as a single integrated piece.

2. Crafted through Multiple Processes

The Plutus Beast earphones undergo a series of meticulous processes, including drying under light, soldering, installing the drivers, multiple testing phases, gluing, UV insulation, attaching the female connector and managing the wiring, polishing, painting, oil removal, UV curing, and other production steps. All these processes aim to deliver a professional acoustic product experience to you.

Kinera 10mm SPD™ ( Square Planar Driver )


The Plutus Beast earphones utilize a planar driver that is a full-range driver primarily responsible for low, mid, and high frequencies. This planar driver fully leverages its excellent characteristics, ensuring balanced distribution across the three frequency ranges and effectively avoiding distortion.

Kinera Custom 10mm BC Driver ( Bone Conduction Driver ) 


The Plutus Beast earphones are equipped with a customized contact-type bone conduction driver, which works in synergy with the balanced armature driver to further enhance the low frequencies and overall ambiance, providing an immersive audio experience.

Custom High-frequency BA Driver ( Balanced Armature Driver )


This customized balanced armature driver mainly assists in reproducing the high frequencies. It exhibits excellent extension, transparency, and contributes to an atmospheric sound representation.

Tuning Concept


The tuning process focuses on precise frequency division of the lows, mids, and highs, resulting in balanced sound quality across all three frequency ranges. The Plutus Beast earphones provide an expansive soundstage with a sense of space and sufficient resolution. The vocals are transparent, and the overall sound is clear and pleasing, delivering tension and thickness. The low frequencies are full-bodied with moderate impact and rich detail, while the mid frequencies have a moderate thickness. The high frequencies are extended, transparent, and capable of handling various music genres.

Frequency Graph

Reviews From Specialists

Author: gadgetgod
"Plutus Beast brings a unique flavour to my lineup of products. Its strong bass complements the vocals and its relaxing, smoother treble is there for a pleasurable listening session. You know it’s an iem that finds its place in your everyday carry with its captivating sound and great comfort. Personally, the set was with me for a little over one week and I absolutely enjoyed its sound. I guess I am going to miss it when it goes out on the tour tomorrow. Well, that’s it from my side for the Celest Plutus Beast. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this one. I will soon come up with a video review on my YouTube, stay tuned for that one."
Author: Jaytiss
"The details of the bass is strong and everything sounds right on it. The bass seems wild and fun, and untamable. It It is not lean or poor. I do find the quality of the bass is appropiate for the price and maybe even great. I have found that while it doesn’t match my target amount of bass, I do fully enjoy it. I feel the PR driver adds additional bass, but I’m not sure. This is all by ear and flow, not by science. I feel percussions on it sound great. I think a lot of this is due to the unique shell that vibrates. The iem is lush even in the bass and fun. It has this fantastic chewy viscerale timber that just sounds amazing, and I love every second of it. The bass slams and has a distinctive texture that you could only get from a Bone Conductor driver. I love my bass a great deal, and while not a basshead I find it one of the biggest killers for me. This bass is very nice. The bass response is just so good on the Beast, that I can’t describe it as I feel it goes through my body."
Author: nxnje
"The sub-bass and bass are of very good quality: nice extension, very good impact, overall nice body and good textures. The bass is punchy, tight, pretty fast indeed and delivers what’s necessary without struggling on most occasions. It’s not a basshead set, since it would need even more bass for that, but tracks in which the bass is “the star of the show” really shine on the Plutus Beast as they guarantee a very satisfying and dense low-end. "
Author: Mataudiophiles
"Kinera Celest Plutus Beast are excellent headphones full of new technologies and interesting solutions. As for the sound, it is entertaining, spacious with great bass and midrange. However, please remember that the overall signature is slightly warmer and much smoother. I believe that it is worth getting acquainted with these headphones because, in addition to their great sound, they represent excellent workmanship and provide very good insulation and high wearing comfort. When it comes to build quality, this one is also very good. If I were to look for weak points, I would like a little more sparkle in the treble, but this is not a defect, just a personal preference. If you are curious about these headphones and would like to see for yourself how they sound, I leave a link to the official HIFIGO store where you can order them. Additionally, although the Kinera Celest Plutus Beast are headphones that benefit from better amplification, they are still not excessively demanding on current and can be powered by an ordinary pocket amplifier or a pocket music player. This increases their functionality and usefulness in urban space, ensuring greater mobility."
Author: kesobie
"Celest, you never fail to surprise me. The Plutus Beast is a beast in its driver configuration and making it work. The beautiful shells contrast the aggressive sound signature that brings out such a deep and nuanced bass and forward upper midrange to provide such an engaging and energetic sound. However, it’s definitely not the most natural or detailed-sounding set due to the somewhat overcooked upper midrange and poor treble extension making the treble region sound a little bit dead. I also took a small issue with the fact that BC bass couldn’t really compare to the more natural decay of DD bass, but it’s a personal nitpick, and surely people will appreciate how tight and rich the bass of the Plutus Beast is as I genuinely think it does. As I’ve expected Celest to try something weird in their releases, I was pleasantly happy to see what the Plutus Beast became. It’s unique in almost every single way, but I’m not going to deny that it still needs refinement. Lowering the upper mids just a bit and adding a little bit more air would’ve done these very nicely. I can at least appreciate their improvements in their SPD as the full-range SPD did a pretty decent job keeping coherency in the three drivers that Celest used. Keep surprising us Celest, and deepen the lore even more!"
"But let's start with the low frequencies, which here are presented as confidently massive with a deep, solid sub-bass and quite distinct punch in the mid-bass, but the textural elaboration, in my opinion, leaves much to be desired. I would like to get more transparent and clear audibility of the bass saturation harmonics due to saturation, Otherwise, he still plays, firstly, too warmly, and secondly, too tightly, although the control here is normal, but the attack and decay are quite ordinary without any records."
Author: baskingshark
"This IEM hits near basshead quantities, with a huge visceral rumble that rattles down to the chest noted on bass heavy tracks. The graph above just shows a modest bass shelf, but the bone conduction tech inside can't be fully gleaned on graphs - BC drivers need to be touching the ears/skull bones to transmit resonances - and the bass here is actually more marked than graphed."
Author: SilicaGel
"The 'Plutus Beast' has a unique design based on the previously proven full-range SPD planar driver, with a bone conduction driver and balanced armature driver. With a planar at the heart of the sound, there is an inherent bass texture throughout that is very responsive, with clean reproduction all the way down to the sub-bass. With that said, I felt a unique depth of resonance that was different to what I've ever experienced with planar driver IEMs. I suspect that the bone conduction drivers used to complement the SPD driver's bass range contribute to this unique texture, which is hard to describe in words - it's as if they pull the focus of the planar bass - which stretches all the way to the very bottom - slightly towards the mid-bass. This gives the impression of a more emphasised bass dynamics and soundstage than traditional planar products, but it's not quite the same as the reverberant bass of a dynamic driver. The balanced armature drivers also make a difference in the treble range. Compared to planar IEMs, which are often criticised for being a bit harsh in the highs, the highs are quite subdued. Points where people might find irritating are pressed down enough that it's hard to feel sibilance, so it's a bit of a departure from the crisp, clear treble of Planar Driver."
Author: Des99
"Sounds very different from the graph based on my listening experience. Sub bass is more prominent than the mid bass. Sub bass has a very deep rumble and very good texture to it, as if it can be felt. I'm guessing that its the bone conductor making this happen. Mid bass on the other hand is more toned down, but still having decent slam and texture However, the mid bass is on the boomy side, and it does lacks definition, as it sounds very smoothed over. Quantity is more than sufficient, but I don't think it hits a bass head level just yet. It is definitely on the fun side though, and it sounds more than the graph suggests. Overall, the bass is extremely fun to listen and experience. It is definitely a highlight of the Plutus Beast to me.Lower midrange is quite warm and rich, but can potentially be bloated or muddy if you prefer a cleaner signature. Male vocals sound pretty lush and very well bodied, and they are quite forward in the mix. Upper midrange is overly energetic and not very smooth. Female vocals sounds very forward, which pops out very well from the strong lower frequencies, but this can easily be too shouty to some. It also has some huskiness to it due to the warmer lower midrange. Timbre is odd and unnatural due to the strange combinations of the warm lower midrange, overly forward upper midrange and downward treble slope. Overall note weight and density is on the thicker side, most instruments and vocals have some weight and lushness to them."
Author: PhonoPhi
"The bass is deep, visceral, palpable - well extended in the sub-bass, punchy but not sluggish or tubby (as in CCA Rhapsody of the recent IEMs), without much of the midbass (as in otherwise excellent TRI I3), and dominant but not totally overwhelming - that worked out perfectly well for me. The aesthetics, design, packaging, all the attention to details are totally top-notch as expected from Celest. For instance, the case hues are matched really nicely and the material (be it leather or a very good substitute) is great, for one of the best IEM cases in my experience.The cable is less compared to that of Phoenixcall, but perfectly functional 4.4 mm, and it would be hard to expect more for the overall $89 (I paid $87 for the record) overall package. The sound signature is the most L-shaped that I have experienced in IEMs for a unique addition to my collection. Then with the treble released by simple modding - the resulting L-toward-V sound signature was most enjoyable."
Author: hokagoteatimereviews
"The bass is here very good, it is very thunderous and very impactful, when listening to Waltz by Sunny or Crack Crack Crackle by classy, the bass of these tracks and the attack of the bass is really crisp and punchy. This is what I would expect form these tracks. The overall bass is more sub-bass focused than mid-bass. There is a bit of mid-bass bleed, when listening to Hollow 16-bit remix by Bjork there is a huge rumble at around 20 second mark and that feels so good and has this fantastic rumble which is great to listen too.But do remember one thing, that the iem needs to touch your ears or else the bass doesn’t really come across like I described."


What’s In The Box



  • Celest 221 Vocal Eartips ( Black ) : Enhance treble, pleasing vocal
  • Celest 608 Balanced Eartips ( Red ) : Sound balanced and holographic

Weight Of Earbuds

  • The weight of earbud is only 5.2± g each side,  comfortable for wearing for a long time.

Nozzle size

  • Nozzle size is 6mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.

Package Contents

  • Celest Plutus Beast 1 pair
  • Celest 221 Vocal Eartips x 3 (S/M/L)
  • Celest 608 Balanced Eartips x 3 (S/M/L)
  • 5N Copper Silver Plated Cable, 3.5mm / 4.4mm x 1 pcs
  • Storage Case x 1 pcs
  • Metal Bookmark x 1 pcs
  • User Manual x 1 pcs