Kinera Ace

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  • Material: 4N OFC+OFC with Silver Plated
  • Braid way: 8 Core 3 Dimensional Braided
  • Diameter: 1.0mm/core
  • Strands: 25 Strands of 0.05mm OFC with Silver Plated + 25 Strands of 0.06mm OFC
  • Cable skin material: PVC
  • Interface: 0.78 2pin or MMCX option
  • Plug: Detachable 4.4mm Balanced / 2.5mm Balanced / 3.5mm Plug
  • Plug material: Copper with 1.5U Gold Plated
  • Plug internal connection: Copper with Silver Plated Conductor
  • External metal part: Aluminum Alloy Anode
  • Cable length: 122cm±2cm
  • Cable structure: Litz + Multiple Structure + Twisting strands
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Magic Rop Ace


When human warrior Helgi was 15 years old, he avenged his father by slaying Hunding, the king of the Saxons. Helgi’s army encountered a storm attack during the triumphant journey. It was the Ocean Death God Ran who made it. Ran cast nets next to dangerous reefs, to catch ships and collect property. When Helgi fleet was about to be swallowed by the storm, Valkyrie passed by in the air. They cut through the fishing nets and snatched the fleet from Goddess Ran’s fishing nets, and escorted them to the port safely. There was a female warrior named Sigrun in the Valkyrie. She is Helgi’s wife in the preexistence, called Svafa. When they met again, they fell in love. Sigrun wove a hand strap with the fishnet thread and personally gave it to Helgi. Later, Sigrun was forced to marry Hodbrodd, the eldest son of King Granmar. She remembered the warrior named Helgi and called her Valkyrie companion, flying across the sky and across the ocean, looking for him everywhere. In the end, they achieved beautiful marriage.

Cable Process


“Ace” is an 8 core OFC + OFC with silver-plated upgraded cable,with 25 strands of 0.05mm copper with silver plated plus 25 strands of 0.06mm OFC cable. It adopts complex litz structure to achieve the stability and conductivity of the sound signal. Each core is insulated independently, which not only effectively avoids the sound distortion caused by the skin effect and the proximity effect, but also affects the wire. Better antioxidant effect.

Sound Character


Copper is a widely used metal material in earphone cables.

The cable made of oxygen-free copper is known for its rich atmosphere, based on the application of different processes and purity. It has good adaptability to many types of earphones, also has the effect of smoothing the frizz of the sound and enhancing the charming character. Silver conduction performance is excellent, the transmission of sound signals is faster and more accurate, which present more details.  Ace adopts OFC + OFC silver-plated mixed structure, which is natural and smooth, and ensures that the details of the sound will not be lost. It is an upgrade cable for earphones that can enhance the vocal.



Ace has a compact replaceable plug design, equipped with 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm copper with 1.5U gold plated plugs, to meet the requirements of the popular players in the market, just change as you like.

The internal connection is a 4-pin 6N OCC and OCC with silver plated mix conductor, so that the audio signal can be transmitted more stably and quickly.

Optional Kinera customized 0.78mm 2pin and mmcx plugs is with long service life.

Plug External & Cable Splitter Metal Part


The plug external &cable splitter metal part are made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The surface is coated with anodized technology, which can effectively prevent the shell from scratch due to friction. It looks perfect even has been used for long time.

Protective Skin


The cable is covered with high-grade PVC, which is skin-friendly, soft, and wear-resistant. It avoids the stethoscope effect caused by the hard wire. Whenever and wherever you are, just enjoy it.