Kinera Gramr

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  • Material: OFC silver plated
  • Braid way: 2 core twist
  • Diameter: 2.0mm/core
  • Strands: 95 strands of 0.05mm OFC with silver plated + 250D nylon
  • Cable skin material: PVC
  • Interface: 0.78 2pin / mmcx
  • Plug: 4 pin detachable 4.4mm balanced plug / 5 pin detachable 3.5mm CTIA plug
  • Plug material: Copper with gold plated
  • External metal part: Aluminum alloy anode
  • Cable length: 150cm±2cm
  • Boom Mic length: 12.7cm
  • Microphone patterns: Omnidirectional
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Sword of God’s Wrath — Gramr

Gramr is a sword in Norse mythology, also known as the “Sword of God’s Wrath”. The sword is famous for its sharpness. It was originally given to Sigmund of the Volsung family by Odin, but this sword brought Sigmund the disaster of genocide. Odin smashed the sword with Gungnir at the behest of Queen Frigg. The shard of the sword was reforged by the gnome craftsman, and it was with this sword that Sigurd, the son of Sigmund, killed the dragon Fafnir.

Cable Process


“Gramr” is a 2 core OFC with silver-plated upgraded cable,with 98 strands of 0.05mm copper with silver plated plus 250D nylon braided. Each core diameter is up to 2.0mm. It not only has higher purity and better conductivity, but also reduces the loss in the application of audio signal transmission, presenting a delicate and pure sound quality.

Sound Character


Gramr” is braided into 1 strand from 14 wires, and imported nylon yarn is added. And then 7 strands are twisted into 1 core, totally 98 wires. The sound is relatively neutral, and the overall sense of surround is better. The silver-plated copper wire can improve the overall clarity. The details of the mid-high frequency are particularly excellent, soft and not harsh.



“Gramr” is designed with interchangeable plugs, equipped with 3.5mm and 4.4mm copper-plated 24K gold plugs, which can meet the requirements of popular players in the market. There are 0.78 2pin and MMCX interface. In addition, Lightning and Type-C plugs are optional, you can also enjoy music anytime with your phone.

* Type-c plug may be incompatible due to the limitation of the mobile phone model, resulting in the inability to use the microphone function. But most mobile phone models can listen to music.

Boom Mic – Omnidirectional


“Gramr” is equipped with a detachable boom mic. It is light, comfortable to wear and flexible for any angle.It has the characteristics of high sensitivity and little noise. It performs excellent whenever gaming or singing.

Plug External & Cable Splitter Metal Part


The plug external & cable splitter metal part are made of lightweight aluminum alloy. The surface is coated with anodized technology, which can effectively prevent the shell from scratch due to friction. It looks perfect even has been used for long time.

Protective Skin


The cable cover is high-grade PVC, which is skin-friendly, soft, and wear-resistant. It avoids the stethoscope effect caused by the hard wire. Whenever and wherever you are, just enjoy it.

Patent No: 202221362783.4

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