Kinera Hodur

$ 299

  • Kinera High Sensitivity & Low Power Electrostatic Driver + Kinera Customized K10012 BA Driver + 10mm Coaxial Dual-magnetic Tesla Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance: 8 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 106+/- 1 dB
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz
  • Modular 4 Cores OCC with Silver Plated Cable
  • Plug with 3.5mm , 4.4mm
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Technical Specification


Explore The Sound In Dark


Darkness exists in the corners of the world and is an indispensable element of the world. Under the ubiquitous light, darkness is also surging.

Thanks to Hodur special acoustic structure, the performance of all drivers have been well exerted, and the sound has been better restored. All frequency is closely integrated, rich in layers, presenting sound details. With the idea of “perceiving the darkness”, the tuning engineer brings a relaxed atmosphere and a full sound stage to the listeners, wandering in the ocean of music and feeling the surging of the undercurrent.

Enjoy music without limits

In addition to the powerful high-frequency performance of the previous “electrostatic unit”, it also means that it needs to be equipped with a playback device with sufficient thrust. Kinera self-developed high sensitivity, low power EST and 10mm coaxial dual-magnetic Tesla composite diaphragm dynamic integrated unit breaks the “tradition”. Low power consumption makes electrostatic no longer request a high-thrust front-end device .
Hodur impedance is only 8Ω, but 106db, which makes the mobile phone “sound nice” with decoder.

CNC 5-axis Carved Aviation Aluminum Alloy Shell


Kinera selects aviation aluminum alloy as Hodur shell , which is light-weight and Corrosion-resistant .With CNC 5-axis fine carving technology, the air relief hole, nozzle and 2pin female socket position are precise.

 It meets the higher requirements of consistency standards, which effectively reduces the vibration of the shell, so that the acoustic performance can be fully exerted. In addition, it is coloured by the aluminum alloy anodising process, which makes Hodur durable and wear-resistant.

Give The Dark Emotional Colour


Due to the stark contrast between the world’s preference for Baldr and Hodur, the darkness became more contemptuous and alienated. Finally condensed into a powerful kinetic energy that devoured the light, pushing Hodur to murder his brother.

Therefore, designer outlines the appearance of the light with broken diamonds, explaining to the viewer the reasons for Hodur darkness. At the same time, it also sets off the darkness more thoroughly.

Modular 8 Cores OCC With Silver Plated Cable


OCC with silver-plated wire has high sound signal transmission efficiency and stable impedance. OCC doesn’t overemphasize the atmosphere, and due to the complex structure of silver plating and wires, the details of the sound signals in each frequency band are fully preserved.The outer cover of the wire is made of high-permeability and soft PVC, which not only protects the cable better, but also reduces the stethoscope effect.

Frequency Graph


What’s In The Box



  • Final Type E Eartips : Enhance bass, weaken dental sound
  • K-07 Balanced Eartips ( Red, Green, Yellow Colour ) : Balanced sound, nice imaging
  • K-285-02 Vocal Eartips ( Skin Colour ) : Release treble,  more pleasing vocals

Weight Of Earbuds

  • The weight of earbud is only 5± g,  comfortable for wearing for a long time.

Nozzle size

  • Nozzle size is 5mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.

Package Contents

  • One pair of Kinera Hodur In-ear monitors.
  • One Modular 4 Cores OCC with Silver Plated Cable.
  • Modular Adapter 4.4mm & 3.5mm.
  • Five pairs of Final Type E tips.
  • Seven pairs ( K-07 & K-285-02 ) of Kinera Custom ear tips.
  • Storage Case.
  • Clean Brush.
  • User Manual.

Reviews From Specialists

Moonstar Reviews
Moonstar ReviewsAuthor: Gokhan
"The Kinera Hodur surprised me immediately with is clean full bodied and controlled response that is audible both in the subbass and midbass area that is produced with its 10mm Composite Diaphragm Dynamic Driver. The subbass is produced with a natural kind of depth and rumble that stands out with its clean and a controlled decay especially after the 50 hours mark. Songs like Daft Punk’s “Doin’ it Right” and Lorde’s “Royals” are reproduced with decent sense of depth and intensity. The midbass region of the Kinera Hodur can be described as nicely textured, tight and impactful that stands out with its sense of clarity and control when I do listen to complex passages such like Gogo Penguin’s “Murmuration” and Charly Antolini’s “Duwadjuwandadu”. Instruments such like a bass guitar, contrabass or viola do have in general a natural and efficient grade of body and depth. The lower frequency region of the Hodur is able to add the overall presentation a good sense of body and warmth without to overshadow the rest of the sound spectrum thanks to its mature/well-adjusted tuning in this area. "
Audio Reviews News
Audio Reviews NewsAuthor: Ustabas Osman
"The lows of the Hodur are quite strong. For the lovers of warm & full bass, this is a very satisfying performance. At the same time, lows are pretty quick and decay is very nice. Recovery is very good for this type of response, which is surprising at times. The definition, slam, and layering are still better than many monitors, to be honest. The Hodur has lush mids with a big note size. The general focus is on this area as well, so it’s easy to say it has a lifted mid-response. The mids are fuller than most monitors that I’ve listened to as well. That makes the Hodur somewhat unique. Highs are the least apparent area of the Hodur. They’re at the back of the stage and they’re not very airy as a result of the dark & warm sound. You can not possibly hear an aggressive cymbal or something like that. It’s very soft and smooth, but if you pay attention you can hear the details as well. The soundstage is relatively large when compared to IEMs in general, especially in terms of depth. The width is also quite good and impressive. What the Hodur does in the stage department is even more impressive to me, because it produces elevated mids and that usually creates a close stage. With the mids being in the center of the attention, I would’ve expected a smaller stage but that’s not the case here. "
Author: asifur
"The Hodur has a good overall bass performance. The little nuances and details of the sub-bass region is clearly audible and the mid-bass comes with rumble. The overall bass experience is very enjoyable and you don't miss the details or the slam. tracks like: "Hotel California (Live on MTV 1994) – Eagles" and "Fluid - Yosi Horikawa" you will likely get immersed into the bass performance. The Hodur is quite a performer and I was delighted by the level of details and overall sound performance this has been able to pull off. This is amongst the very best of Kinera performance I have come across so far. Given the great performance for the price, the Hodur becomes an easy recommendation."
Author: NymPHONOmaniac
"Kinera Hodur is an extremely interesting model, extremely comfortable and small, playing with great panache and spectacular, musical character. I recommend this model to anyone who is looking for versatile, versatile and pleasantly tuned headphones. If you do not like w-shape and conquered bass, you are definitely closer to golden idun 2.0, which although they are also w-shape, but to a lesser extent. For 299USD I consider hodury to be great and recommendable headphones. Great job!"
Author: Mataudiophiles
"Kinera Hodur is an extremely interesting model, extremely comfortable and small, playing with great panache and spectacular, musical character. I recommend this model to anyone who is looking for versatile, versatile and pleasantly tuned headphones. If you do not like w-shape and conquered bass, you are definitely closer to golden idun 2.0, which although they are also w-shape, but to a lesser extent. For 299USD I consider hodury to be great and recommendable headphones. Great job! "
Author: Ceeluh7
"I love the theme of the Hodur and how well the tuning mimics that theme. The Hodur has a warmer yet spritely U to W-shaped tonality with an energetic yet tame or controlled dynamic expression. Harmonic overtones are kept in check and natural while the ADSR envelope has a quick and impactful nature to it. Leading edges across the spectrum are solid and crisp in attack. The bass tends to hit hard yet decay more naturally while the rest of the mix is a bit snappier. If I were to generalize the sound as a whole, there is a dynamic density which comes across as syrupy or rich, and a cleanliness that draws the listener in. I hear a sound which can be colored yet relatively transparent, smooth yet coarse, all depending on the track being played and the source they are played on. Just like the myth, the sound resembles raw kinetic bubbling energy, like a geyser which releases under pressure or the water which breaks the damn. Too much? Alright, I’ll dial it back a bit…the Hodur has nice energy. The Hodur has a slightly warmer tonality yet is as sharp, crisp & can be transparent with a lot of treble energy to add levity and coolness to the mix as well. This overall sound is fun and detailed, mostly non-offensive and very vibrant and lively from the sub-bass to the highs. Nothing boring on the Kinera Hodur."
audioreviews.orgAuthor: Alberto Pittaluga
"These Hodur deliver a definitely pleasant overall presentation, featuring energetic, engaging musicality with a particular accent on treble definition and detail, and a solid deep bass counterbalancing the tonality on the opposite end. They are also amongst the most comfortable UIEMs I ever worn – this is also worth noting. On the down side I hear a non-organic timbre making them hardly fit for acoustic music, timbre incoherence and fuzzy instrument separation."