Kinera Idun Golden ( Idun 2.0 )

$ 169

  • Kinera 7mm Titanium Plated Dome PU + 1 Knowles BA + 1 Kinera Customize BA
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 112+/- 2 dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • Modular 8 Cores OFC+ OFC with Silver Plated Cable
  • Plug with 3.5mm , 4.4mm and 3.5mm to 6.35mm
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Technical Specification


Perceive The Power Of Youth


Idun is a hybrid IEM, with 2BA1DD unit, including Kinera 7mm titanium-plated dome PU composite high poly fiber suspension diaphragm dynamic unit, Knowles RAF-32873 BA unit and Kinera customized BTC-30095 BA driver. The 3-frequency energy distribution is balanced with high consistency.

Low Frequency – 7mm Titanium Plated Dome PU


It’s not easy for a smaller size of dynamic unit to produce the same or similar sound as the large-size unit.  Kinera customized 7mm titanium-plated dome PU composite high poly fiber suspension diaphragm dynamic unit, through complex dynamic structure setting, combines the strong rigidity of the titanium-plated dome, the diving depth of the PU mixed material, and the characteristics of high poly fiber tension, which makes the low frequency volume, the diving depth, elasticity, sound field have been strongly guaranteed.

Mid Range – Knowles RAF-32873


Knowles RAF-32873 is a full-frequency balanced armature unit, which has both low-frequency volume and texture, full mid-range sound, high-frequency gorgeous ductility, and strong resolution. It is mainly used in the mid-range, which can have better connection between low frequency and high frequency to make the sound energy distribution more even.

High Frequency – Kinera Custom BTC-30095


Kinera customized BTC-30095 BA driver is responsible for the high frequency, making sound  round and transparent, result in fast transient response. After scientific adjustment, it not only closely connects with the mid-range, but also gives full play to the excellent characteristics, to ensure high frequency ductility and separation.

Ear Mold


Collecting a large amount of real human auricle model data, combining ergonomics to design the shape of the cavity more in line with the Asian auricle, just to bring you a more comfortable wearing experience.

Modular 8 Cores OFC+ OFC with Silver Plated Cable


Idun· Golden, with simple and elegant sound, adopt OFC + OFC with silver plated braided cable, achieving the sound fidelity and musicality and making the monitoring more emotional. The high-transparent soft PVC protective skin material is light and comfortable for wearing.

Frequency Graph


What’s In The Box



  • Foam Eartips:  Rich vocals and deeper bass
  • K-07 Balanced Eartips ( Red, Green, Yellow Colour ) : Sound balanced and stereo
  • K-285-02 Vocal Eartips ( Skin Colour ) : Release high frequencies, pleasant vocals

Weight Of Earbuds

  • Each earbud weight is only about 3.9 g, which is as light as there is nothing even wear for a long time, so you can enjoy music as you like.

Nozzle size

  • The sound nozzle diameter is about 5.9mm, which fits most eartips on the market, giving the earphones more possibilities

Package Contents

  • One pair of Kinera Idun Golden ( Idun 2.0 ) in-ear monitors.
  • One Modular 8 cores OFC + OFC with silver plated cable.
  • Modular Adapter 4.4mm & 3.5mm
  • Seven pairs ( K-07 & K-285-02 ) of Kinera Custom ear tips.
  • Two pairs of Foam tips.
  • PU Case with inner velvet protection.
  • 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter.
  • User Manual

Reviews From Specialists
Headfonia.comAuthor: Berkhan
“The Kinera Idun Golden is one of the most quality releases from the Kinera brand lately. It’s a fantastic performer for the money, with an audiophile approach in sound. I enjoyed this IEM very much with its precise, on-point tuning. This is one of the smoothest and well balanced hybrid IEMs that you can find in the entry-level market today. Since it performs better than the Shozy Rouge and Shozy Form 1.4, I remove those two from our Best Universal IEMs list and add the Idun Golden. A much-deserved entry to the list. It’s one of those rare incidents that I found a high-level IEM tuning in an entry-level IEM.”
Moonstar Reviews
Moonstar ReviewsAuthor: Gokhan
“The Kinera IDUN Golden is a mildly bright yet pretty natural and balanced sounding In-Ear Monitor that is ideal for longer listening periods, since neither the bass nor the treble range sounds overly emphasized.The lower frequency shows pretty clean, moderate deep and fairly controlled tuning, while the midrange is the star of the show, which is produced in a very natural and balanced manner that shows a nicely touch of warmness. The treble range on the other is mildly pronounced, pretty smooth yet detailed, and offers a sufficient level of airiness and extension.”
Author: Andy EF
“All has been said, it is clear Kinera Idun Golden is not a jack of all trade. Idun Golden is a device intended to convey musical experiences for music enjoyment, Idun Golden excels with tonal and timbre balance that is pleasurable as it is natural sounding. Not a device to be used to analyze sound. From this perspective, I have found that Idun Golden is an IEM that takes time to develop a connection to the user. It does not have that WOW element from the get-go. But with regular usage, the elegance of subtleties will then begin to present itself in spades. I appreciate Idun Golden for being highly organic and smooth, I appreciate the musical enjoyment that can be had for extended usage, I have spent over 6 hours in single sessions using Idun Golden regularly. Despite being not a highly analytical device, I think the time I spent with my Idun Golden proved that the charm of the Goddess of Rejuvenation, Iduna, has captured my heart.”
Author: machinegod
"I would pick Idun 2 over the much more expensive Norn. Idun 2's tuning is uncommon but nicely implemented. It has a W shaped tuning that gives you a toe-tapping experience."
Author: Kathiravan JLR
"Idun, the latest offering from the house of Kinera is a well rounded neutral package. The neutral heads out there! Its your item to be picked up! The Idun has that nice neutral sound profile yet with that engaging and lively sound experience and also don’t forget that this has one of the best designed faceplates! The bass being on the neutral side thus provides some excellent clarity, separation and technical aspect. The mid range is another string aspect of this earphone where it has that unique natural tonality with precise timbre. The staging being wide enough does provide that spacious and grand presentation. The treble has a very good extension thus providing some great shimmer and brilliance in the top end. The design is very gorgeous where that faceplate looks stunning and it's definitely an eye -catching figure for sure. The golden coloured tree branches alongside that colourful gem in the center with cool white and blue tint gives the earpiece a stunning look overall. Overall the Idun is a neutral masterpiece with striking design language and TRANSPARENT SOUND out there in the market!."
Author: RoXor
"The Idun priced at 169 USD is well built beautiful looking IEM that comes with premium accessories and sounds pretty good too. The signature is fairly inoffensive and performs well enough for its price. I recommend it for any genres except for busy tracks where a little more air would have helped."
Musician: Edz Cuizon
"When Idun was on its way, I did not expect much. I am quite impressed by how much it punches way above its asking price. If you have been following me, I am somewhere in between being an audiophile and a musician. Both roles has different needs and factors that I look for in an audio gear. Idun delivered its purpose and I am very much happy with this Kinera product, being it the first, moreover for its capability for me as a musician. It is very constructive on my end. The sound signature is not for everyone. Bass heads, stay away from this one. Treble heads might still want more out of this. But if you are into details, separation, imaging and adequate driver speed, with tone and timbre that is not compromised, the Idun is worthy of your collection. I have a personal search for neutrality, and I can safely say that Idun is not yet there. Not with the league such as the Etymotics when it comes to neutrality. But Idun gave me a sweet prelude to that search. My search is not yet over, but I am glad that Idun gave me the right direction for that. So if you are a mature listener, and the joy of hearing what every element is doing in a track, giving you a clean, close neutral sound that does not give you compromised tone and timbre, this is definitely for you ."
 Earphonatics Audio Reviews
Earphonatics Audio Reviews
Author: John Tay
"The Idun Golden is indeed a entry into a new golden era. It not only displays top tier looks but displays proper realistic tonality. The Idun Golden is able to perform well under most circumstances and will certainly serve very well as a all rounder. It is something I highly recommend. With the current competition, the Idun Golden is certainly a competitive piece especially with the included ACE cable. What a great way to start of 2022! "
YouTubeMusician: Riana Rosenhil
"I am really digging the Idun 2.0 Golden. The design isn't just aesthetically beautiful but is perfectly strategized for utmost comfort. It includes different kinds of tips that you can interchange depending on your genre/instrument and some adaptors that you can use on your mixer or audio interface. The accessories and packaging it came with feel really premium. The sound is pretty balanced for me, with the right amount of power, clarity, and resonance. These factors really make me believe that this pair of IEMs are really specially made for musicians like me!"
WeiboAuthor: 爱玩耳机的小萝莉vv
"Overall, Kinera Idun Golden itself is a good Hybrid IEM, no Hybrid IEM may appear frequency band articulation problems or the difference in timbre between two different sounding principles, the overall as I said earlier dynamic driver to make an auxiliary, the overall presentation or dynamic driver resolution quality style is the main but not boring dry and cold, the tone is mild and not stimulating, no too much superfluous ornamentation is not gaudy, right? Pricing on RMB1099 I think it is still quite competitive, of course, if the red and white shell of this version can give a silver and red mix of cable will be more perfect." ( Translated )
WeiboAuthor: 灬Tokugawa
"Finally do a summary, or back to the beginning of the impossible triangle topic, Idun 2.0 is undoubtedly to break the dream of the impossible vision, the actual price is not high, quality is not low, good taste to do the real thing, omnivorous, natural, balanced, real, which I think the Idun 2.0 more accurate definition, recommended to who love Hybrid earphone, as well as RMB 1000 entry want to choose a reliable Equipment friends, it is worth trying." ( Translated )
WeiboAuthor: 环刀之刃
"The three frequency arrangement is balanced: the low frequency is elegant and clean and the expression of force takes precedence over the creation of atmosphere. The focus is good, the volume is restrained, the dive is appropriate, and the rebound is sharp. The reverberation is slightly enhanced, but especially prudent and restrained, just to help it get rid of the dryness, but also may not be able to call it particularly full; mid-range vocals slightly close to the ear, but not flattering spray face. The high-frequency extension is excellent, so it is transparent, but the brightness is not exaggerated, but it is definitely enough, but it is still difficult to achieve the crystal clear piano overtones." ( Translated )
Guitarist: Danilo Mayorga
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"The first impression of Kinera Idun 2.0 in terms of aesthetics is that it is very light and very comfortable to use, as a musician it is amazing, the design is spectacular, the live monitoring is great for any kind of musician, can monitor the mixes, very immersive, the live sound is just as amazing, the quality is optimal for the instruments, you can even use for listening to music or recording, in short they are very professional . The bass is great, including I think they are much gentler than the Norn, but they are very punchy and powerful. As you can see, they have very good surround effects and very high clarity, I am in love with the sound."
ixbt.comAuthor: Alexander Khromchenko
"The headphones turned out to be quite uncommon in terms of sound and package composition. If, purely theoretically, you subtract the cost of the Kinera Ace cable from the cost of the headphones, and then listen to the headphones, imagining that you got them for the price as if you had no cable, the sound and its perception, in my mind, will blow your third ear. The headphones exhibit a balanced sound, with no distortion or excessive accents, which, in a way, sets them apart from others. Truly, I was not expecting to hear what the Kinera IDUN Golden gave me! I really liked the headphones. It's not just good music, it's a competitor to the planar 7Hz Timeless." ( Translated )
kulakligim.netAuthor: Mahir Efe Falay
"Besides the charming looks and the box, Kinera did a good job with it while keeping the price around $150 ($169 is its actual price) but hyping it up means coloring the rainbow, Idun Golden is what it is. Thus it is best listened on its own stock cable (although replacing the cable is recommended) and an amplifier is IMO mandatory but not very necessary in the end after all."
ixbt.comAuthor: SyncerTech
"As a result, Kinera Idun Golden 2.0 in-ear 3-driver hybrid earphones impressed me personally with their impressive set, with a lot of ear cushions and modular cable, comfortable fit and, of course, quite amazingly tuned sound: with a slight dip in the bright side, nicely close to us the stage, as well as emphasized sharpness and focus on the details. And all this is sufficiently flavored with the very musical character. I have never seen anything like this before and I have nothing to compare this approach with. Another super successful earphones from the brand widely known in audiophile circles. I did not expect anything else from Kinera and I liked it very much. Well, in combination with the Colorfly CDA M1 DAC they are stunning." ( Translated )
Author: JQuB3
"The Idun Golden is a fairly engaging set with a very natural and organic sound. It is lightweight, ergonomic, and has a pleasant tuning that makes it ideal for long listening sessions. The tuning is mostly mid-centric, but there is sufficient extension on both ends. Last but not the least, the non-offensive tuning might help preserve the “youth” of your ears, since it avoids treble fatigue and bloated bass. 😉"
Author: GojiFi
"The bass on the Idun Golden is punchy, yet does not overstay its welcome. It has the right amount of bass to really identify it from the rest of the frequencies, likening it to tasting the right amount of salt that can really heighten the taste of a food without sacrificing the intended recipe. It focuses more on mid-bass response with the right smack, which really elevates the rhythm of any song that you put through it. Despite the tasteful bass it has, I might have preferred a bit more sub-bass. Songs with intended rumble (808 kick samples, deeper rumblings of bass instruments) can really lose their depth in the Idun Golden. I have always advocated for the importance of sub-bass as it really brings the bass frequencies home with coherency and impact, but I respect Kinera's decision in making the bass leaner in favor for a cleaner presentation."
Author: Mr.HiAudio
"yes, in addition to good sound, I got aesthetic pleasure from the beauty of the headphones. As for the comparison, most of the headphones will give tuning with an emphasis on some part of the range, right there everything is very neutral and I would even say, neat."
Author: asifur
"The IDUN GOLDEN 2.0 is a great performer and in my opinion amongst specially when compared to the price range it comes in. It is very easy to drive and performs well with just any combination. It is quite comfortable to wear through long listening sessions and that's what makes it an ideal daily driver for people who just want to hear superb sound performances all day, every day."
Author: NymPHONOmaniac
"The Kinera Idun Golden is a marvellous sounding and looking earphones, with a refined near neutral tonal balance, and high technical performance that hit above their price range. With it’s vivid, gently bright and highly revealing sound presentation, you are in for a rich and immersive musicality with a hint of monitor like extra excitment. The Golden take me by surprise, since this type of analytical signature tend to be either too bright or in your face, yet it’s not the case here, it’s maturely balanced and very cohesive in macro-definition with a dense sense of layering that make spatiality fullfill with liveliness. Think about a hint brighter Rose Technics QT9 MK2S (or Seeaudio Yume upgrade) and your not far from Golden performance, it’s that good and sure worth high recommendation from me! For 170$, you get alot for your money, including a modular cable and mesmerizing piece of unique art under the IEM form. Kinera are on a new momentum and I can’t wait for their next release since their achieve now well balanced tuning, should it be warm way for the URD or bright way for the Golden."
Author: SherryLion
"To conclude this review, I really wouldn’t ask you to buy this, but would really like to ask you to try these out, mostly people feel connection with the IEMs tuning and sound profile, and in no sense these are bad sounding nor does it have an offensive sound. Let’s just say these have average performing power with good treble extension and controlled bass in a clean mix. I would at least recommend to try these out for sure."
Author: Zerstorer_GOhren
"This is absolutely the strength of Idun Golden, its clean, neutral, translucent and detailed with a sufficient amount of texture and warmth to make all instruments and vocals sound very organic and life-like. My initial impression of the treble of Idun Golden is more on the brighter side, with such pristine and quite particularising but there are some significant factors that I'm nitpicking on this one which I will describe later. Due to its reference-neutral sound signature, The bass quality of Kinera Idun Golden is precise, articulate and well-regulated. It gives a really clean and tight bass response that a reference-neutral should sound like. Idun Golden has an average to above average soundstage, with equally proportionate depth and height in which it gives a decent headroom on the spatial sound field which give me some holographic feel."
Author: Mataudiophiles
"Kinera golden IDUN 2.0 is a completely new quality and a new deal. The design of the well-received headphones has been completely improved and redesigned. A number of significant and significant improvements have been applied, and the headphones themselves not only look amazing, but also sound great, in a light, pleasant and unobtrusive way. At the same time it can be heard that this is a mature and well-thought-out tuning. Therefore, for its price of 169 USD, I consider this model to be excellent and actually they do not have any major disadvantages for me. Considering the excellent insulation and great fit, I can recommend them to anyone who is looking for a universal and pleasant tuning."


Customization Your Idun Golden