Kinera Imperial Nanna ( Nanna 2.0 Pro )

$ 949

  • 2 Sonions EST + 1 Mids Sonions BA + 7mm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance: 60 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 110dB±2db
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz
  • 6N OCC with Silver Plated Cable
  • 4.4mm Termination Plug
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 Art Comes From Imagination


Every Pair Of Nanna Is An Artwork


Mount Nanna is inspired by aurora, starry sky and red rocks. Under the aurora, Nanna turned into a red rock, singing songs to the lost lover day after day, and the singing gradually faded away, leaving only the persevering rock and the everlasting starry sky. The unique hand-painted technology makes the cavity shell colorful, rich in layers, chic lines, and the optical special effects are exquisite like gems, demonstrating the elegance and aura.

Shot by Japanese photographer Makoto Kanazaki


Technical Specification


Each Drivers Show Its Best With Perfect Connection


Considering to restore the ethereal and euphemistic voice from  Nanna, standing among the dark and vast mountains, watching the aurora in the distance. The designer first thought of the electrostatic drives and its excellent high-frequency characteristics are undoubtedly more suitable for the ethereal and tactile voice of Nanna. For mid and bass, Sonions BA drivers and Kinera’s custom 7mm dynamic drives are selected respectively. The combination of the drives makes the three-frequency connection smooth.

Neutral Sound Signature

  • With the outstanding tuning, the Kinera Nanna has amazing and neutral sound signature, with warm and natural mids.
  • There is no peakiness in the tuning, it will be suitable for movies and longer music sessions as it will sound soothing and smooth.
  • With the help of Dynamic Driver, the bass is good and thumpy, the balanced armature and electrostatic drivers together ensures there is natural mids and smooth treble response with no peaks.

Extensions at Lower and Higher End


The driver setup provides good extensions at the lower and higher-end, providing good quick bass and smooth instrument details.

6N OCC with Silver Plated Cable


The Kinera Imperial Nanna comes with a 6N OCC with silver plated cable, made by a complex braiding process, it brings fast transient response of IEM, turning out balanced for all ranges. The cable uses a 0.78mm 2-pin connector type.

Frequency Graph

Shot by Japanese photographer Makoto Kanazaki


What’s In The Box



  • Final Type E Eartips : Enhance bass, weaken dental sound
  • Foam Eartips : Rich vocals and deeper bass
  • JH-FY009-B Balanced Eartips ( Blue Colour ) : More balanced sound
  • RS-B45 Vocal Eartips ( Black Colour ) : Present the original sound of IEM, vocal is more pleasing

Weight Of Earbuds

  • The weight of earbud is only 4.5± g,  comfortable for wearing for a long time.

Nozzle size

  • Nozzle size is 5.8mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.

Package Contents

  • One pair of Kinera Imperial Nanna In-ear monitors.
  • One Modular 6N OCC with Silver Plated Cable.
  • Five pairs of Final Audio Type E ear tips.
  • Six pairs ( RS-B45 & JH-FY009-B ) of Kinera Custom ear tips.
  • Two pairs of Foam tips.
  • Premium Genuine Leather Storage Case.
  • 4.4mm to 3.5mm & 2.5mm adapter.
  • Cleaning Brush.
  • User Manual.

Reviews From Specialists

Author: PolkManiac
"The Kinera Overall is somewhat warm of neutral with a nice punchy bass response, excellent mids and vocals and a great smooth and detailed high end. Compared the the DUNU the bass is similar in quantity but I prefer the slightly more punchy bass of the Kinera. The midrange is excellent on both and very similar. The treble smoothness and detail is what puts the Kinera in a different league than my DUNU. I can get my DUNU to sound harsh on some recordings, that doesn’t happen ever with the Kinera. That’s really all I have to say, if you happen to have a DUNU SA6 or know that IEM and want a direct upgrade I think these are worth a look. It’s hard to imagine an IEM sounding better than the Kinera Nanna 2."
Author: Hddad70
"With reviews ranging from ''my favorite IEM ever’’ to “tuning barely worthy of its price’’ it was difficult knowing what to expect from the Nanna 2.0. But honestly, the “unknown’’ factor is what makes these kinds of reviews so much more interesting. In these circumstances, I set my hopes high and expectations low by default. Thankfully, the Nanna 2.0 confirmed my hopes and dramatically exceeded my expectations. Interestingly, some of the negative reviews were coming from reviewers I follow quite closely and generally align with. Regardless, my experience with the Nanna 2.0 only serves to confirm that we all hear and process sound differently. So far, my experience with the Nanna 2.0 has been nothing short of impressive. Its buttery smooth highs, warm mids, and impactful bass keep me coming back for more time and time again. And while I'm not prepared to declare it the best in it's price range, I can easily say it's capable of holding its own among the best in the $1,000 price range."
Major HiFi
Major HiFiAuthor: Alex Schiffer
"There’s a lot to appreciate about the Imperial Nanna, its design, the aesthetic beauty, and most importantly the sound. Even though there are some minor tunning prospects a enjoyed more in the original, the Imperial still finds its place for people who may prefer a more easy-going sound signature. One that also doesn’t miss out on the detail. Its greatest improvement is its soundstage, which gripped me considerably more than the original. There are also the notable new accessories and new balanced termination which I enjoyed greatly. To me, it’s the proper way to experience these wonderful IEMs. Just make sure you have the right peripherals to use it. As an upgrade, it’s debatable whether I’d go for these over the original. This is even more muddied considering the $949 hiked-up price point. I’d say I can take deal with the sacrifice of some textural quality for a more expansive soundstage, but some might not come to that conclusion. Whichever one you choose though, you’re still going to get one of the most satisfying IEMs out there."


Customization Your Nanna