Kinera Imperial Norn

$ 509

  • 4 Knowles BA + Kinera Custom Titanium Diaphragm DD
  • Impedance: 32 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 110dB
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-40kHz
  • 8 Cores Silver Plated Copper Cable
  • 2.5mm Termination Plug
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Technical Specification


Kinera Norn is the latest hybrid pair of in-ear monitors from the brand with excellent looking earpieces.  The ear shells are a great looker with a mirror finish back cavity and hand-painted artistic design. It houses a five driver hybrid setup on each side featuring a powerful 7mm DD paired with 4 Balanced Armature drivers tuned to provide superb acoustic performance.

7mm Premium Dynamic Driver Unit


Kinera has equipped the Norn with a 7mm micro dynamic driver unit for a superb lower end response. The driver features premium components such as an N52 strong ring magnet with 1.5 Tesla magnetic flux, Japan imported Daikoku pure copper coil, and Titanium-plated composite high-poly fiber diaphragm material. The Titanium-plated composite diaphragm moves swiftly within the driver cavity producing a thundering, high-quality bass response.

High-performance Knowles BA Drivers


Kinera has opted for high-performance Knowles BA drivers to pair with the DD unit. The response has high-resolution clarity with a natural tonality to take your musical experience to a whole new level. This combination of 4 premium Knowles BA drivers gives Norn a gorgeous high-frequency extension and clear positioning of instruments with its ultimate clarity and detail.

Professionally Designed Acoustic Structure


The front cavity of the beautiful Norn ear shells consists of a specially designed 3-tube frequency cross over to remove any chances of multi-driver distortion. The tubes are designed in reasonable length to not affect the sound in any way, providing accurate frequency response for the users across a wide frequency range.

Reflective Back Cavity


There are smooth reflective backplates on the ear shells providing excellent looks with hand-painted faceplates. It also reduces sound loss and delays thanks to the diffuse reflection of the back cavity.

High-Purity Silver-plated Copper Cable


The Norn is bundled with a premium audio cable to provide an interruption-free sound signal to the earpieces. Imported 26AWG coaxial wire is used as the conductor with PVC outer insulation. It consists of 8 wires of 192 strands of silver-plated copper alloy in spiral weaving. The cable has universal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors and a balanced 2.5mm termination plug.

Frequency Graph

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What’s In The Box



  • Final Type E Eartips : Enhance bass, weaken dental sound
  • Foam Eartips : Rich vocals and deeper bass
  • RS-B45 : Releasing the original sound of the in-ear, the vocals are more pleasing to the ear
  • JH-FY009-R : Better sound balance

Weight Of Earbuds

  • The weight of earbud is only 4.3± g,  comfortable for wearing for a long time.

Nozzle size

  • Nozzle size is 6.1mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.

Package Contents

  • One pair of Kinera Imperial Norn In-ear monitors.
  • One 8 Cores Silver Plated Copper Cable.
  • One 2.5mm to 4.4mm Adapter Cable.
  • One 2.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter Cable.
  • Four pairs of Final Type E tips.
  • Three pairs of Kinera Custom ear tips.
  • One pairs of Foam tips.
  • Storage Case.
  • Clean Brush.
  • User Manual
Photo by 黄昏菌

Reviews From Specialists
Headfonia.comAuthor: Berkhan
"The sound-stage is studio-like but it’s good for the price. However, it’s a bit narrow than I would’ve liked. Also, the overall presentation plays a part here. Because the mids are a bit laid back and the treble is very crisp, the mids are trapped inside a small window. That creates a congested presentation. So the sound-stage perception is affected, and that’s why I think it plays a bit narrow. The depth, thanks to excellent bass response and great layering, is very good though. Stereo imaging is strong with a dark background, especially with a good source. The IEM has great resolution and micro details. The instrument separation is one of the strong suits of this IEM and thanks to its good background quality everything separates nicely so it’s easy to pick every element of a song. However, once again, the mids don’t have much space to shine and they’re laid back with a small note size. The tonality is lively yes, but a bit thin so it’s not the most musical or romantic IEM you can find. Overall resolution is very very good among the other IEMs in this price range and Norn can give you lots of details in a song thanks to its very resolving nature. So I think overall it has great technicalities, limited by the overall presentation. The transparency is very impressive as well. So the Kinera Norn has no issues in terms of resolution, details, layering, and separation. But the presentation affects the performance in a negative way in my view. Otherwise, the technical performance is excellent."
Moonstar Reviews
Moonstar ReviewsAuthor: Gokhan
"The NORN is for sure one of the “Best Looking” In-Ear Monitors that I have reviewed here on Moonstar Reviews. Both the monitors and the hexagonal box of the NORN do reflect Kinera’s premium build quality and fantastic design language with attention to the smallest details. And the best part of the NORN is that it sounds as great as it looks like with its impressive bass response that performs above its price range, a transparent & lively midrange character, and treble tuning that is energetic and detailed."
Author: Kathiravan JLR
"Norn, the latest offering from the Kinera is very impressive and a top recommendation from my side. The sound is very dynamic with a lot of energy and an engaging factor. The thing that lacked in the Ikko Oh10 is fulfilled by the Norn by bringing the Mid section forward and giving them the soul by making them engaging and energetic. The low end is very impressive with excellent sub bass rumble and the mids bass here sounds pretty clean. The treble has nice energy without reaching that fatigue limit. Overall I’m very impressed by the sound of the Norn. From the build, design, cable, sound etc this thing just ticks all the boxes that i need. Technicalities wise they are very good too considering the width and the tallness it possesses in the soundstage department with excellent imaging capability. This pink beauty might make you think it is a calm queen but this thing is definitely an energetic monster! 5/5 from my side and i absolutely loved this pair, indeed it’s an absolute pink DYNAMITE!"
Author: suman134
"Norn is good for the price, especially at $449. If this is the only IEM you have, you won't mind anything, it has the details and everything but once you switch to something more capable like DUNU EST112 or Shnaling ME700 lite things get tough for Kinera Norn. Norn has a good lower end and even though it lacks a bit of dynamics in the mid range its sonicality in the treble region is very good. It's the mid range which needs work. The lack of note's body and dry feeling is not helping the experience, unless it is the thing Kinara wanted to deliver (which is doubtful). A bit more juice and fullness will make even more lovable."
"If you are a fan of V shape and like air among the instruments with more energy in the treble , this iem is for you!!!"
Author: asifur
"The Kinera Imperial NORN is an enjoyable IEM and I'm sure would appeal to many people and youngsters who prefer this specific tuning and sound signature. but, it is not everyone's cup of tea. It will be popular in certain genres like I mentioned above in many cases and people of certain regions will prefer this sound signature. It's just not fully my type though I have enjoyed this experience thoroughly."
Author: machinegod
"The Norn is among the finer Kinera IEMs I have heard yet as of writing this review. It's got solid technicalities and a unique aesthetic vibe to it. It's tuning is not a smooth compatibility for all genres but really excels in all forms of electronica and modern pop music."
Author: JQuB3
"Apart from some minor issues like the lack of an L & R indicator on the earpiece, I think the Norn is a very good IEM for the price segment. I’d definitely recommend the Kinera Norn to anyone who is looking for an IEM that is both fun and engaging at the same time."
Author: 05.vishal
"I recently had AAW ASH for review and Kinera Norn Trumps it in every aspect. In the already crowded IEM bazaar, this is an item that will stay for a long time. This is an awesome pair that complements itself with a good enough cable that has a 2.5mm termination and comes with 2 different connectors for 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm. SO overall, an excellent package."
Author: Ace Bee
"All in all, the Norn has its own niche at around 500 USD price. Those who do not need a very open sounding presentation,but rather prefer an intimate sound with commendable separation and layering, with carefully defined notes and a fun presentation, Norn is for you!"
Author: abheybir
"In a nutshell, Kinera Norn has been tuned slightly V-shaped keeping consumer audio into account as well along with audiophile audience. The highs are very well done along with the bass response where as mids are tuned bit relaxed. Overall tuning is towards the intimate side with good separation capabilities. The look and feel of the IEM along with its all the accessories is very premium. This is one of the IEMs which got my attention at first glance and not failed to amaze me afterwards. Kudos Kinera, definitely this is going to be my next daily driver soon!"


Customization Your Norn