Kinera Imperial URD

$ 650

  • 2 Sonions EST + 2 Titanium Coated Diaphragm Coaxial DD + 1 Kinera Customize 11021 BA
  • Impedance: 20 ohm
  • Sensitivity: 107db±2db
  • Frequency Response: 5Hz-50kHz
  • Modular 6N OCC + OCC with Silver Plated + OCC with Gold Plated Cable
  • Plug with 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm
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First 3D Faceplate For In-Ear Monitors



Well Of URD Is With Deeper Connotation


The faceplate is the surface of the lake, 3D printing is used to make a depression in the middle of the faceplate. It’s gradually rising to the edge of the faceplate, total 6 layers. By mixing special pigments of different shades, each layer of structure is separate cast and solidified. Finally present the water surface of the “Well of Urd” that nourishes the World Tree. It goes deep from shallow to deep, becoming deeper and deeper.

The shell is a scene under the calm water: the sun is shining, the lake reflects the looming golden light, the deep water and the floating bubbles make Urd Spring look unpredictable. There is silt in the bottom of the lake, which is the sediment of history. If there is no silt, it will not be able to highlight the clarity of the lake.

The past is like a deep pool. What we see is often a calm surface. Only when we explore deeply can we discover its rich layers and connotations.


Technical Specification


Reject The Abrupt, Just Let The Coordination Fill The Vocal Music World


URD bass uses titanium crystal diaphragm coaxial double dynamic, through careful tuning, the characteristics of deep diving and fast transient response of this unit are brought into play. The high frequency adopts the Sonion new generation EST65DB01 composite double electrostatic unit to make the treble possess stronger ductility. The mid-range is connected by the dynamic driver 11021 custom by Kinera.

Sonion EST65DB01 Composite Dual Electrostatic Driver


Sonion new generation EST65DB01 composite dual electrostatic driver has an overall high frequency response of 3 db higher than the previous generation.  High frequency extension has been enhanced and the sound is clearer and brighter.

8mm Titanium Coated Diaphragm Coaxial Dynamic Driver


The 2 x 8mm Titanium Coated Diaphragm Coaxial DD has strong acoustic performance, large dynamics, rapid transient response, clear low frequency levels, and solid texture.

Kinera Custom 11021 Balanced Armature Driver


Kinera Custom BA 11021 is responsible for the intermediate frequency, making sweet female voice and strong magnetic male voice. Connected with the bass and treble.

Modular 6N OCC + OCC With Silver Plated + OCC With Gold Plated Cable


Because of special shielding structure, the coaxial earphone cable has the characteristics of stable impedance and high sound signal transmission efficiency. The original URD cable is made of high-purity OCC to ensure audio quality. The outer winding OCC with gold-plated and OCC with silver plated mixed material can effectively restore the sound details. Gold and silver can enhance high-frequency ductility and smooth the roughness of the sound, further improving the sound quality.

Frequency Graph


What’s In The Box


  • Final Type E Eartips : Enhance bass, weaken dental sound
  • Foam Eartips : Rich vocals and deeper bass
  • K-07 Balanced Eartips ( Red, Green, Yellow Colour ) : More balanced sound
  • K-285-02 Vocal Eartips ( Skin Colour ) : Release high frequencies, pleasant vocals

Weight Of Earbuds

  • The weight of earbud is only 5.5± g,  comfortable for wearing for a long time.

Nozzle size

  • Nozzle size is 6.23mm, select different eartips to hear more possible sound.

Package Contents

  • One pair of Kinera Imperial URD In-ear monitors.
  • One Modular 6N OCC + OCC With Silver Plated + OCC With Gold Plated Cable.
  • Modular Adapter 4.4mm & 3.5mm & 2.5mm.
  • Five pairs of Final Type E tips.
  • Seven pairs ( K-07 & K-285-02 ) of Kinera Custom ear tips.
  • Two pairs of Foam tips.
  • Storage Case.
  • Clean Brush.
  • User Manual.

Reviews From Specialists
Headfonia.comAuthor: Berkhan
"Sound: The Kinera Urd provides a smooth and enjoyable tribrid experience. It has the qualities of the Nanna in lots of ways, but it’s not that assertive and defined. It instead stays a bit on the safe side in terms of tuning. It’s smoother and less aggressive in bass and treble. It sounds well-balanced, natural and musical, with moderate bass quantity for a tribrid, and sufficient quantity in the treble region with a smooth approach. The overall presentation is flowing, quick, and resolving with good detail. It’s mostly a very smooth sounding IEM. Technical Performance: The sound stage is good with nice width and depth, though the length of the stage is less impressive. You get a studio-like impression which is quite good but not as spacious as the Nanna. but it’s good for the price. In spite of the full and smooth presentation, the soundstage has impressive width with good layering. The background is quite dark which I found very successful. The IEM has good resolution and micro details. The instrument timbre is one of the strong suits of it and thanks to its good background quality everything separates nicely so it’s easy to pick every element of a song. However, once again, the mids and treble don’t have too much space and air, so you get less air and gap between elements. Overall resolution is quite good among the other IEMs in this price range but there are better ones for sure. So I think overall it has good technicalities on some parts, but it’s limited on certain aspects."
Author: gadgetgod
"URD is a step in the right direction from Kinera I would say. It provides an impressive sound performance while looking great too. It has some flaws of its own, mainly the Treble could use extra air if we compare it with IEMs of this league(primarily Monarch MK1). Though I noticed the URD sound airier when amped. Other issues like BA Timbre, Intimate image are just me being nitpicky about the pair, Kinera has actually done a great job in both designing and tuning the URD. Well, that’s all I have to say about the Kinera URD, I would again like to thank HiFiGo for organizing this tour for the URD. Hope you guys like this write-up of mine. Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments section below."
Author: aakashk
"Kinera URD, in this price range, can perhaps just be the IEM to choose for someone who prefers fatigue free easy listening without missing out on the details and fun factor this may just be the IEM to choose; however for someone who is a treble-head and likes more energy in treble region, may want to try the URD before making a purchase decision. Overall, it is a great value for money given the ask price and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to explore hybrid IEMs without burning a hole too deep in the pockets."
WeiboAuthor: 撸妹_耳机美学
"High-frequency detail is rich, the extension is very good, will not be like the previous pursuit of rounded listening to the sense of high-frequency detail has a significant loss. In the new generation of EST Driver supplemented by mature tuning, the URD high-frequency density is very good, do not focus on highlighting the sense of line, as far as possible to hide the sharp part of the high-frequency, the road to highlight the rounded image. Although I do not know the URD crossover solution, but in the middle and high frequency and low frequency articulation can keep the male and female voices have a good performance. The URD's vocals are close together, the size of the image is moderate and does not occupy too much space in the soundstage, and the sense of mouth shape is not strong, the vocals are smooth and not grainy, and there is not much tooth noise. The low frequency is strong and powerful, with a fast transient response and a rich sense of volume. The URD's dive is cohesive enough to make the drums sound tight and the depth of dive is not as good as it could be. Bass, an instrument that emphasizes low-frequency resolution and layering, shows off the URD's high quality low-frequency very well, and changes in instrument frequencies from low to high and different timbres can be perceived through the URD. The low-frequency overtones contract quickly, giving the sound floor a very clean feel. The soundstage of the URD is not large and the sense of boundary is obvious, but there is no need to worry about creating a poor sense of space. In the soundstage, there is a clear sense of horizontal and vertical layering, with vocals at the closest position and subsequent instruments lined up in order. The soundstage is not a part that the URD is good at, but there is nothing wrong with meeting pop music and small compilations." ( Translated )
Author: abheybir
"In a nutshell, Kinera URD is an IEM that is very good-looking and has very nice smooth tuning to it. The only downside for me was its wavy large nozzle design that started causing a bit of pain in the ears over a short period of time, which I think can be further resolved using some tip rolling, unluckily I was a bit short of time and was traveling while listening to URD so was not able to test different tips on it. I loved the overall warmish and musical tonality of it. I would definitely recommend URD if one is a bit treble sensitive and looking for a multi-driver IEM with EST drivers."
Author: gab840
"Kinera URD as its looks, is also elegant when it comes to sound, a very well balanced sound. URD has its strength in its technicality & its strength alone makes up for its faults which for some user could be in the form of expecting treble sparkle/energy & deep sub-bass. With the kind of quality sound involving a blissful tuning is a form of art which Kinera URD has & is not easily found in many of the IEMs in the market."
Author: RoXor
"I didn’t feel anything lacking and the overall presentation seemed spot on to the kind of tuning Kinera was trying to achieve with this IEM - something relaxed and intimate but not congested, warm and lush. I feel this IEM is particularly not lacking anything and justifies the price. Urd has a premium look and premium well refined sound too."
Author: Kathiravan JLR
"IMPERIAL URD, the latest offering from the house of Kinera became my favourite product after listening to this for the past few days. The brand never forgets to satisfy their customer by providing some serious sound out of their product. Their previous iteration Norn was my favourite product until I started listening to this gem! URD ticks all the boxes of how a product should be. From the aspect of the sound to the design language it's just perfect. The URD has a striking design where the faceplate has that unique green coloured depth effect creating design language. The whole construction is made out of resin but feels very premium and worth long lasting in hands. The bigger shell and the ergonomically shaped shell helps in attaining that excellent fit and seal. Even the accessories that are included with the product are very premium, especially the cable and the case. The sound is the ultimate star show here. A pretty balanced one with nice bass boost, melodious midrange and the energetic treble presence. The bass is weighty yet has that impressive control and texture taken care of by the Titanium plated Coaxial DD while that sparkly treble is taken care of by the impressive EST drivers. The melodious midrange is taken care of by the customised BA creating a nice Tribrid experience overall. The technicalities are especially excellent in this product. You are getting the biggest staging, impressive layering and precise imaging capability in this price range which is more than what you ask from the product! Overall the URD is a LEAGUE ABOVE product from the already awesome Norn. Both these products are extremely good for the price and if you are in the market to purchase a well rounded earphone in the price range of around 600-700 usd then go nowhere and land straight on the KINERA URD!"
Author: machinegod
"The URD is undoubtedly the best earphone to come out of Kinera (yet!) and the difference in performance compared to the rest of their lineup is substantial. I would classify the Urd as a really sophisticated and capable earphone. If it didn't have that slight narrow band emphasis somewhere in the upper midrange, the Urd would have been a real game changer."
Author: IwinHash
"So who’s this iem for? If you want a musical sounding iem and not after a neutral/bright iem it’s a good option. It’s not the most resolving iem, at the same time not a V shaped consumer centric tuning. It’s a balanced tuning with a bit of shelved down treble which makes for a easy listen."
Author: NymPHONOmaniac
"Why do I still have the Kinera URDs in my ears at this moment of conclusion? Because they really charms me. Also because their sound immersion is not dangerous to me aurally, it cuddle me like a mother. I feel in a warm cocoon with the URDs, a cocoon vast in space and comfort, the warm organic tone here is really hard not to like. Even when I force technical judgement, it comes down to the fact that the Kinera URDs deliver a cohesive sound, technically understated and refined, open and natural with a versatile and full vocal rendition. URDs emphasize immersive and contemplative musicality, which can follow you for an entire day without you realizing it. Is it rare? Yes. And precious. But it can also be subjective depending on your psychoacoustic approach which will ultimately decide what charm your ears. The fact remains that Kinera here has demonstrated an unparalleled sensitivity to tonal balance which opens the musical doors to those who favor smooth tonality, natural sound timbre and physical weight rendering of acoustic dynamics. Greatly fascinating tuning!"
Author: hitchhiker
"The Urd is not your analytical monster, or the defining benchmark for detail. However, it does convey all the details in the music in a very cohesive and balanced manner. It is, for me, a thoroughly enjoyable iem, that makes you enjoy the music. I thoroughly enjoyed the iems and found them to be a lot more enjoyable than a few other iems I have heard in the recent past. I will highly recommend them if you are after magical string reproduction, vocals and realistic tonality."
Author: JQuB3
"The URD is the kind of IEM one can listen to for hours together, thanks to its inoffensive tuning and lightweight shells. The IEM is soothing, both in terms of sound and aesthetics. The Urd could do with some more heft in the bass and slightly thicker notes. Nonetheless, the tonal coherence and resolution of the URD are excellent."
Author: Visveswaran Umashankar
"The URD diplayed excellent bass lines, excellent depth and the bass rumbles pretty decently with good definition. It seems to be a bit controlled considering 2 DD are being used as bass cannons, but I guess the balance that this is asking for could've been disturbed if those 2 were allowed to rip things apart. Compared to say an Andro, the sub bass is better (in extension, rumble and linearity too), but andro scores in terms of definition. It seems to me that there isn't much bloat either in its pairing, especially with Alpha, which again helps the vocals to sound much clearer, when transitioning into the mids."
Author: Ace Bee
"I would like to finally take the liberty here to be a bit more emotional than purely objective. Does the Urd suit my preference? No. Urd lacks that visceral and tactile low range, the authoritative and gritty, full-bodied midrange, and a sparkling energetic high range. Urd is the total opposite of that. It is not a very dynamic sounding iem, the notes do not bite enough, the engagement factor is missing, the overall sound is so safe that it’s borderline dull! I could not connect to the music emotionally at all. However, I can understand that for someone who is looking for precisely these aspects in a iem, Urd can be a very nice choice. For me, it was a hard pass."
Author: Wasaabi
"Good sound performance and unique aesthetic design, these are the reasons you should buy it. For the reason you shouldn't buy, I don't have one, oh maybe my wallet will tell me the reason, but the URD is really not that expensive at its own price, so shut up and take my money!"
Author: asifur
"The URD has a good overall bass performance. The little nuances and details of the sub-bass region is clearly audible and the mid-bass comes with good amount of body & texture. In fact, I'm quite surprised at the refined bass experience this has been able to pull off with the dual dynamic drivers. Just the right amount of bass that the track requires. tracks like: "Hotel California (Live on MTV 1994) – Eagles" and "Fluid - Yosi Horikawa" you will likely get immersed into the bass finesse. The midrange of the URD is quite open and clear with ample amount of texture and details. There's no bass bleed and the midrange is quite muscular and full. Vocals are very immersive and both male and female vocals come with good texture and feel very real. Instruments felt very natural and real with high accuracy and the separation between them is also great. In tracks like: "Anchor - Trace Bundy", "A dog named Freedom – Kinky Friedman" and "Ruby Tuesday – Franco Battiato" it’s really easy to get lost into the music as it comes with ample detailed transients, texture, excellent vocals and details. The Treble is quite energetic & airy coming from the ESTs of the URD but doesn't at any point feel peaky or uncomfortable. It has the right amount of details and texture also and the overall treble performance is therefore very enjoyable. Treble in tracks like: "Paradise Circus – Massive Attack", "Mambo for Roy – Roy Hargrove” and "Saints and Angels – Sharon Shannon" feel very immersive and enjoyable from the treble perspective. The Staging capabilities of the URD is surprisingly good. In fact, it might be amongst the best in the price range. It comes with the right amount of width, height, depth and is well defined and just as much as the track requires. Tracks like: “The Secret Drawer – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones” or “She Don’t know – Melody Gardot” or “Bohemian Rhapsody (live aid) – Queen” sound amazing & enjoyable. This is amongst the strongest trait of this IEM. The Imaging & instrument separation performance on the URD is stellar and sense of location is spot on with high accuracy. The Timbre also feels very life-like and real. Tracks like: “Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) - The Beautiful South “or “Hello Again - Howard Carpendale & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra” just shine through."


Customization Your URD