Kinera Orlog

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  • Material:UP-OCC
  • Dual Material Hybrid Design
  • – Golden Ratio Composite Cable Core:Multi-strand gold plated copper & silver plated copper core mixture
  • – Golden Ratio Composite Cable Core:Multi-strand pure copper core mixed with pure sterling silver core
  • Braiding:4 core / 8 core three-dimensional braiding
  • Cable Diameter:26AWG 4 core / 8 core
  • Outer Layer:EA UltraFlexi™ ultra-soft insulation outer layer
  • Interface:EA ConX™ 0.78 2pin, MMCX
  • Plug:EA-P 4.4mm balanced
  • Plug Material:Gold plated brass
  • Plug Internal Connection:Threaded connection structure
  • External Metal Part:Aluminum alloy
  • Cable Length:1.2m
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This is the collaboration between Kinera and highly reputable Hi-fi acoustic cable company Effect Audio for our first high end IEM upgrade cable. Exterior appearance custom designed by Kinera led artistic team, tuning concept and testing handled by Effect Audio professional acoustic engineers. Together we present a high end IEM upgrade cable with luxurious design and texture, Orlog is the master of all existence within the Norse Mythology. He is the most primitive being, he didn’t do anything to the world, and nothing was done. He is the incarnation of the concept of “Fate”. He owns the oldest and most enduring will. There is no beginning and no end for his being. He sets the order. He selects life. He is the weaver of the web of all destiny. Staring at the World Tree holding up nine realms. Let art form come into our life in a closer way than we imagine.

( Photo is Mr. Zou, founder of Effect Audio and autograph on ONE OF 400 Kinera Orlog 8 core. )

Crystal of Truth — Orlog


Outside of the Nine Realms, Orlog holds the workings of the whole system, the truth. Orlog condensed the truth of the world into a shining crystal and buried it in the cold icebergs of the Scandinavian mountains. Whoever can find it will be able to understand the ultimate rules of how the world works and obtain the supreme glory.

Design Process


Ingenious design and craft meticulous selection of materials and the time-consuming crafting process make it look and feel very unique.

CNC crafting technology has been used to restore the steep Scandinavian mountain silhouettes, being sculptured by the cold glaciers in thousands of years. The natural spinel inlaid in the middle is made of bare stone after grinding and polishing, cut into a pear shape, which shines brightly on the top of the mountain, and is processed by different processes such as sandblasting, hand polishing on each edge surface.

Sound Character


Crystal of Truth Orlog upgrade cables bears a very overall balanced tonality, benefited from the high purity gold and silver material mixed in wire cores, the mid range vocals are creamy and rich textured, very elastic & punchy bass response with nice overtones, its luxurious & delicate trebles are such a perfect match to charming & classy musics.

Effect Audio ConX™ Interchangeable Connection Pin


2 spec connectors provided in the package for universal usage | EA ConX 0.78 2pin & MMCX

The Connectors


Fix 4.4mm threaded connection structure plug. Custom made by Effect Audio, standard with high-end EA P-4.4 plug.

Plug-in Shell and Splitter

Truth CrystalCrystal of Truth – Orlog uses aerospace grade aluminum alloy connector shell and splitter, that makes it light as nothing, the shape of the mountain is layered up and down, enhancing the visual experience, looking more coherent. The metal brushing craftsmanship endows a nice texture to the surface. The interlayer is decorated with a spinel to achieve the best effect.

Protective Jacket


Only the highest quality can forge the extraordinary. The wire jacket is processed by EA UltraFlexi ultra soft insulation for long service life.

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Reviews From Specialists

Author: Joshua
"The Orlog colors the sound by enhancing the mid-bass, lower mid-range, imaging, and separation. The Orlog carries the hallmarks of a traditional copper cable which mainly focuses on the mid-bass and lower mid-range given that this is its main cable material however there is a little extra spice in the other regions due to the various types of plating and additional silver material composition."
Author: gadgetgod
"The best part about Orlog is the fact that it increases the details and enhances the treble region. Meteor with its stock cable has a dark-ish tone to the highs, but wit the Orlog, it’s much more livelier and energetic. No, it isn’t sharp or boomy even with other IEMs that I have tested it with, so the treble response is nicely enhanced. Midrange sounds rich and has improved texture for vocals. Although the vocals get a tad bit soft with the Orlog, no they don’t lose their resolution, they are still crystal clear, they just sound smoother. I would say, Orlog has a great impact in the upper mids and lower-treble region. The clarity and definition is improved, yet the presentation is smooth and soft."
Author: armstrj2
"In addition to sound quality and aesthetics, pricing and value for money carry a lot of weight for me. Not only have Kinera delivered a cable that both sounds and looks excellent, but they have also delivered it at a price that is far below comparable sounding cables on the market. The Kinera Orlog has paired well with all of the IEMs I have tried it with and there have been some exceptional pairings with sets like the UM Multiverse Mentor. It is a light and supple cable that is finished with high-quality hardware and when this is all combined with very reasonable pricing, the Kinera Orlog gets a strong recommendation from me. I’ve been very impressed with Kinera in all my communications with them so far. They are a growing brand who are eager for feedback from the audiophile community so they can produce products that will be appreciated and I look forward to seeing what comes next from them. "
Author: SherryLion
"Given what I've seen and heard, the Orlog is a special cable made to harness true sound and to help excel the potential of the high achieving IEMs. Your opinion of value will play a big role in determining whether the prices things are offered at are worthwhile. Personally, I think it's a large expenditure that isn't necessary, and paying that much money for a cable that costs as much as the most expensive IEM I own puts me in a tricky situation. If it were on sale and significantly reduced, or if I had saved money specifically to get the one cable I want to pair with every IEM I own, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase such a remarkable cable. Hence, I can only speak to the prowess of this cable, which I considered to be beautiful, spectacular, and worth listening with when I recommend such a remarkable relation. The sole cable I could find that adjusts and curates the sound you enjoy listening to."
Author: iampidugu
"For me, the cable had a balanced sound signature, with both upper and lower lows being prominent and providing enough thump when compared to Szalayi and Isabellae's stock cable. The lows have been refined and clean. Isabellae is known for its overblown lows, but this cable changed everything. The clarity and transient lows made it sound more musical than boomy. Galileo also made significant improvements in this category, and the bespoke EA cable for the AK Odyssey defeated Orlog. I know it's unfair to compare the two, but Orlog works well with the majority of IEMs, whereas the AK Odyssey stock cable doesn't work well (sound-wise) with all IEMs. Finally, the sub-low rumble is well-managed and nimble."
Author: JQuB3
"Overall, the Kinera x Effect Audio Orlog is a great cable with some really exquisite material. The fact that it comes with ConX, makes it a versatile cable that can be used with IEMs of different connector types. The Orlog pretty much brings out the best of the IEM in terms of staging and dynamics. Since the cable is somewhat dark in terms of sound, it would complement bright / neutral-sounding IEMs very well."
Author: asifur
"The ORLOG comes with much looked for flexibility of switching between 2 pin and MMCX connections owing to the conX technology. The build & quality is also praiseworthy. I have found the performance significantly better than the other 3rd party upgrade cables I have tried. It is more like a single cable serves most IEMs and therefore becomes an easy recommendation for anyone using IEMs of $1000++ ranges."