QoA Aviation

$ 199

  • 8mm Dynamic Driver + 3 Knowles BA
  • Impedance: 39 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 118dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 5N OCC 4 core Cable
  • Plug with 3.5mm and 4.4mm
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Technical Specification


Driver Configuration


Aviation adopts a custom-made 8mm dynamic unit as the sound bottom of the full frequency. 2 Knowles 32873 BA drivers handle the mid-range and high frequencies. 1 Knowles 33518 BA is responsible for high frequency and ultra-high frequency. In order not to suppress the performance of 33518 BA, the conventional 3-way tuning scheme is unable to adapt to its excellent high-frequency. Therefore, through the advanced tuning technology, the overall 3-way frequency is completed and then special process, so that the high-frequency extension performance and the avoidance of squealing sound are considered.

After finely tuned, the overall sound is more comfortable and freer, with moderate energy distribution.



Aviation is equipped with a 4-core coaxial + Litz combination structure of 5N OCC detachable plug cable. In the case of the same wire base, cables with this structure is better than other others with ordinary structure in terms of shielding performance and conduction performance. For listening experience, the sound is purer and smoother. 5N OCC wire further reduces the sound signal attenuation, strengthens the sound signal transmission, retains more sound details, and restore the sound.

Tuning Concept


Aviation tone is neutral, accompanied by full of spring vitality, it seems to fill the sound stage. Through the unique 3+1 frequency division processing, the bass is full of impact, the mid-range is rich, and the high frequency has a long and pleasant aftertaste.

Aviation has good performance in various music. The horizontal and vertical sound stage have a certain scale. With 2 Knowles BA, it has good mid-frequency density, real human voice, good high-frequency ductility and strong overall atmosphere. When playing pure music mainly composed of wind instruments or piano, the musician taps the keys and the flute dances with the wind, the rich emotions will be presented to the ears.



The shell is made from mature mold that integrates ergonomics and acoustics, which provides good support when wearing and refuses the discomfort caused by wearing for a long time.

The shell printed by high-precision 3D printing technology ensures that the internal drivers of the cavity are placed in a consistent environment, reducing deviation or sound field deformation caused by internal errors.

The metal nozzle is sturdy and durable, can effectively prevent the eartips from falling off. The size is suitable for most different eartips on the market, helping users choose the eartips according to their preferences.

Frequency Graph


What’s In The Box



  • Vocal Eartips : The human voice is sweet and close to the ear, suitable for users with short ear canals.
  • Balanced Eartips : Sound is balanced and cohesive, suitable for users with long ear canals.

Weight Of Earbuds

  • Each earbud weight is only about 3.6 g, which is as light as there is nothing even wear for a long time, so you can enjoy music as you like.

Nozzle size

  • The sound nozzle diameter is about 6mm, which fits most eartips on the market, giving the earphones more possibilities.

Package Contents

  • One pair of QoA Aviation In-ear monitors.
  • One 5N OCC 4 core Cable.
  • Plug with 3.5mm and 4.4mm.
  • Six pairs Custom Ear Tips.
  • Premium Storage Case.
  • User Manual.