QoA Gimlet

$ 59

  • 10mm LCP Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 108dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 4N 4-core OFC Silver Plated Cable
  • 3.5mm Termination Plug
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Technical Specification


Driver Configuration


Gimlet is made of a newly designed LCP composite diaphragm dynamic driver. The 10mm diaphragm presents more sound details. The combination of high rigidity LCP material, just like the mixed gin and lime juice, seems to be the way it should be.



Specially designed 4-core silver-plated cable. The new thin and light ear hooks are more suitable for wearing. High-purity OFC silver plated can bring you clear and transparent sound performance.

Tuning Concept


Sound is relaxed and comfortable, sweet in the heart everywhere. We prefer to new sound character for Gimlet instead of intense and bright tuning styles. Every note flows naturally and lyric murmurs softly.



As elegant as you are in prairie green and diamond white. Gimlet comes in 2 attractive colors. The calm and introverted prairie green lingers around you with the breath of the grassland; the fresh and elegant moisturizing white is the key to your beautiful posture.

From design to acoustic concept, Gimlet wants you to feel relaxed and comfortable. It comes from our deeper understanding of Gimlet’s cocktail refreshing, slightly drunk.

Frequency Graph


What’s In The Box



  • Bass Enhancing Eartips : Enhancing bass for more powerful punch
  • Balanced Eartips : Bringing you the music how it should be heard

Weight Of Earbuds

  • Each earbud weight is only about 12.9 g, which is as light as there is nothing even wear for a long time, so you can enjoy music as you like.

Nozzle size

  • The sound nozzle diameter is about 6mm, which fits most eartips on the market, giving the earphones more possibilities

Package Contents

  • One pair of QoA Gimlet In-ear monitors.
  • One 4N 4-core OFC Silver Plated Cable.
  • Six pairs Custom ear tips.
  • PU Case with inner velvet protection.
  • User Manual

Reviews From Specialists

Author: nxnje
“The Gimlet impressed me. I was not expecting a so refined yet engaging and fun tuning, but this time QoA and Hi Fri just gave me the chance to fall in love with a product. This is a pretty rare thing. I am happy to recommend the Gimlet to all the folks out there who would like to have a fresh, well tuned, fun IEM with superb build quality for a pretty affordable price.”
Moonstar Reviews
Moonstar Reviews
Author: NymPHONOmaniac
“When i come to sound, i was pleasantly surprise by how well balanced and overall smooth they sound. We can say its a warm W shape without any problematic spike yet and extra sens of air and sparkle on top. Bass hit hard but is a hint blurry in mid bass definition, yet, attack is fast and extension dig low. Its a resonant vibrant bass response, excited in attack speed. Mids are highlight of the Gimlet, both male and female vocal are foward and full bodied, timbre is natural and dense enough, their no sibilance and it sound very open. Its not the most resolve, but sens of fullness and wide presence of instrument is there. Treble is a mix of darkness and crispness, in the sens it doesn't fully restitute all details and doesnt boost texture of instrument like violin or electric guitar yet isn't lacking to much in edge and bite, it still have snapy percussion apart cymbals crash that feel a bit scooped. Micro details are more focus in upper treble zone. Soundstage is another highlight, very wide open and with good deepness too, imaging is decent but its more about dynamic layering that feel spacious than precise static instrument accuracy.”
Author: suicideup
“ The Gimlet entered the market with this ceramic driver shell and an LCP diaphragm, where most have the same driver material but not the same driver shell. In terms of sound, I see (or hear) no major flaws or negative aspects with this IEM because it retains the "enjoyment" I seek when listening to music while keeping things safe for everyone. This is a very good and compelling package for less than $60 USD on its own, partly because the overall packaging and motif screams elegance and class while delivering pleasing sound quality. I recommend this as your first (or even last) LCP-based set under $100!”
Author: Headphones and Coffee
"Bass: The low-end response is well defined. The Sub-Bass can respond with a reasonable thump but is by no means a bass head IEM, the bass is tight, punchy and refined. I would say the Mid-Bass is north of Neutral it has good texture and weight. overall, the bass has good speed and details. Mids: The Mids are warmish with decent clarity there is a mild recession, but vocals are superbly placed not so much forward as they are centered. The lower Mids have a nice warmth to them, and the upper Mids have a brightness to them. instruments present with above average air, clarity and separation. Treble: Presents with an open and detailed signature with some smoothness and sparkle up top, it has some good energy but might not be good for treble sensitive ears, I personally didn't find it harsh, but I can see some recordings on brighter sources being a problem. Still, I found it pleasant enough with a reasonable source. Soundstage: Is Natural Feild with an equal width as it is deep, not the widest but far from intimate, I would say its just right for most applications, maybe games but not the best in holographic. The accuracy is good, but the staging doesn't like busy tracks so much. Still, I found it works well for the overall signature. Afterthoughts: This is exceptional for its price while not perfect it has character and uniqueness, I found quite pleasant. I would recommend it to people for an all arounder as it works well with all music and is built so well. "
Author: Mataudiophiles
"The soundstage is coherent and well-ordered, we have good depth and moderate width, not stretched by force. I like the imaging and layering. The instruments are separate and do not blend together. At the same time, they can play around the head and go beyond it. I had to remind myself often that these are $59 headphones! Because it was easy for me to think that they sound as good as if they cost at least 100 USD. Bass: Subbass is present but not as dominant as midbass. We have a stronger accent here in the lower registers and we can easily feel the bass accents, it does not drown out other bands, nor does it flood the midrange. However, it is not only well illustrated, but also has great layers. For this price range, I can't say anything bad about the lower registers. Midrange: This area, especially the vocals, although a bit set back from the bass line and treble. They come out extremely natural, smooth and clean. Becoming the strongest element of Gilmleth's presentation. Vocals are lively, saturated and realistic. Instruments also present their full potential, of course with some limitations. We can't expect the same level as, for example, in the twice as expensive BQEYZ Autumn, but for $ 59 it's brilliant. Treble: Treble was realized in such a way as to break the gentleness and soften the midrange. We have a lot of ballast here, which adds life and energy to the presentation, but if someone is looking for a smooth presentation, then they should definitely go for the TIN T3Plus. High tones do not sibilate and do not sting the ears, but they can remind you of yourself more strongly."
Author: SenyorC
"Let me start off by saying that I really enjoy these IEMs. These are another set that prove that my preference target is really only a reference target, as when things are done properly, I enjoy them even when moving away from my usual preferences. It is also worth noting that I chose the tips with the blueish tint to them. "
Author: asifur
"The Gimlet comes with good bass performance for the price range. The sub-bass has details and the mid-bass comes with enough rumble and slam. In tracks like: "Fools Paradise (LP Version) – Donna Lewis" and "Chocolate Chip Trip - Tool" you can feel the bass attack and also hear all the tiny nuances' of the sub-bass.The Staging capabilities of the Gimlet is the quite good and above average for price range. It comes with the right amount of width, height, depth and is well defined and just as much as the track requires. Tracks like: “The Secret Drawer – Bela Fleck and the Flecktones” or “She Don’t know – Melody Gardot” or “Bohemian Rhapsody (live aid) – Queen” sound amazing & enjoyable."
Author: Berry108
"The Gimlet is definitely one of the most appealing sets I tried in terms of looks at this price point in the sea of generic looking IEMs released every other week. The sound may not be for everyone but I did enjoy my time with the Gimlet with its engaging sound that isn’t fatiguing. Not to mention the great accessories and great build quality, this is definitely going to be my go-to recommendation at this price."