QoA Vesper 2

$ 79

  • 10 PET Dynamic Driver + 1 Knowles 32873 BA
  • Impedance: 23 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 114dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 5N copper with silver-plated
  • 3.5mm Termination Plug
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Technical Specification


Driver Configuration


Vesper 2 adopts the tuning scheme of hybrid drivers with 2-way, 2 acoustic tubes. Bass and mid-range are handled by the dynamic unit. Custom-made Knowles full-frequency balanced armature driver is integrated with it to achieve the sound better integration of warm and cold timbre, energy distribution and its full-range imaging. Through repeated adjustments, finally achieve the thick and distinct vocal experience of the original Vesper.



In order to achieve the purpose of having a good sound without a very good front-end equipment, QoA tuning team has further optimized the internal structure, with an impedance of 23Ω and a sensitivity of 114db, which means that it is easier for Vesper 2 to play good sound on different devices. \

The interchangeable cable design not only adopts the common 0.78mm 2pin on the market, but also facilitates users to replace different wires and experience different sound.

Tuning Concept


QoA team has many years of experience in IEM tuning. Familiar with the characteristics of various types of drivers, R&D team has unique control and creativity in sound tuning.



Bright yellow and blue are selected for Vesper2, to emphasise the thick and distinctive personality of the original Vesper.    

Yellow is pure and flawless. The designer boldly adopts single colour. Shells are made by 3D printing. After polishing, apply special resin on the surface and protect the shell, presenting a natural and mellow beauty like beeswax.

Blue is gorgeous. Sapphire blue shell and hand-painted faceplate by the artist are vivid and fascinating under the light.

Frequency Graph


What’s In The Box



  • Vocal Eartips : The sound is relaxed and open, and the human voice is sweet and close to the ear, suitable for users with short ear canals.
  • Balanced Eartips : The sound is balanced and cohesive, suitable for users with long ear canals.

Weight Of Earbuds

  • Each earbud weight is only about 3.6 g, which is as light as there is nothing even wear for a long time, so you can enjoy music as you like.

Nozzle size

  • The sound nozzle diameter is about 6mm, which fits most eartips on the market, giving the earphones more possibilities

Package Contents

  • One pair of QoA Vesper 2 In-ear monitors.
  • One 5N copper with silver-plated Cable.
  • Six pairs Custom ear tips.
  • PU Case with inner velvet protection.
  • User Manual