Ear tips Rolling: Myth or Reality!!!

Usually, our pair of in-ear monitor’s comes with a pocketful of ear tips, but there are plenty of other aftermarket brands that offer a wide variety of ear tips, how well do these ear tips perform in terms of sound quality output from the monitors, or is it just a myth that ear tips actually change the sound quality. Ear tips come in different sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. One can only enjoy its different pairs of in-ear monitors only when he/she gets a comfortable fit and proper levels of isolation and ear tips rolling helps in that, you have many types of ear tips available with your pairs or aftermarket which you can choose from.  Ear tips rolling refers to changing different ear tips, it is not a myth different ear tips actually affect the sound quality output from your pair of earphones, like the regular silicone tips providing a natural sound output, wide bore silicone tips provide you with a forward sound representation while the foam tips provide a deep lower end with rolled off treble and better isolation, so let’s discuss about all of them.

Stock Ear Tips:-

It doesn’t matters which tier in-ear monitor you buy, beginner level, mid-level, or high end, your package usually has two types of ear tips, silicone and foam tips. Silicone tips are the most common type of ear tips, which you will always get whether you buy a 10$ pair or a 1000$ pair, most of the improved aftermarket ear tips are also based on silicone material. You might get plenty of silicone tips in your package but when it comes to foam tips they are usually only 1 or two pairs in a package.

Silicone Tips:-

Silicone tips are the most common type of ear tips, usually bundled with your in-ear monitors. There are usually two most common types of silicone tips.

Single Flange:-


As the name suggests the silicone tips with a single level of seal are known as single flange ear tips, these are the most common types of silicone tips, these provide the most natural sound output from your pairs while providing a sweat and oil resistant experience with silicone material and comfortable fit. These tips provide an average level of noise isolation. There are different types of single flange ear tips like wide bore opening and more.

Double Flange:-


These type of ear tips are quite uncommon bundled only with a few pairs of in-ear monitors, these ear tips have a two-level silicone seal these go deep in our ear canal’s providing a close representation of sound near the eardrums. These pairs are designed to provide you with better noise isolation while providing you with a natural sound output like the single flange tips, The earpieces don’t fall off the ears easily but might not provide a comfortable fit for everyone due to the deep reach of ear tips. These are usually not included in your package and have to be bought aftermarket.

Please note that there are three level flange tips too but they are very uncommon and not used much.

Memory Foam Tips:-


Memory foam tips provide a punchier bass response and a relaxed treble section as compared to the silicone tips, but this comes at the cost of not so comfortable fit, a rolled-off treble response, and a narrower sound stage. The sound output is more balanced as compared to the silicone tips, and if they provide a proper fit to you then noise isolation here is best, you will be completely isolated from the outside noise. These tips are usually recommended for IEM’s with a brighter treble section as it smoothens it out a bit and the output is relaxed as compared to silicone tips. Even though the sound quality output of foam tips is very good it has its own issues like it won’t be providing a comfortable fit to everyone, but if you get a proper fit with these you will be getting the best of noise isolation with your in-ear monitors. Another issue with the foam tips is that the foam gets cracked very easily so the life span of these tips are not that good as compared to the silicone tips, also since its foam, so these do not provide sweat or oil-resistance so if you use these at the gym you might have to wash them.

Some Famous After Market Ear Tips:-



Spinfit is the most famous aftermarket ear tips makers widely known among the audiophiles all around the world. They come in different models some are even specific to some IEM’s and some are universal. The Spinfit ear tips are made up of good quality silicone material, with guide tubes over the ear nozzles making the silicone flange to be flexible and twist, they can be bent as per ear contour providing a better fit and isolation. The sound quality output is detailed and balanced, there are good extensions at the lower and higher end of the frequency range. I personally get the best fit with my IEM’s with the Spinfit CP100, I use it with my DUNU DK3001 Pro and Tin T4. There are various other models available in the market like Spinfit CP145, CP155 and many more. Different models have different ear canal tube colors and shapes. Spinfit provides a much better fit and isolation as compared to the stock ear tips. Please note that the Spinfits comes in different variants including single flange, double flange designs and more.

JVC Spiral Dots:-

JVC Spiral Dots are single flange silicone tips with wide ear bores, these provide a forward sound representation with punchier bass response, natural-sounding vocals, and a natural treble section, these provide better extensions at the lower and higher end of the frequency range. The only issue I get with the JVC Spiral dots is that it doesn’t provide good isolation at least for me, I don’t get proper noise isolation with the JVC Spiral dots but the sound quality output is very good. But I would like to mention that everyone has different in-ear contours so you might get a better fit with the JVC Spiral Dots.

Comply Memory Foam:-


When it comes to memory foam tips there is only one brand that is widely known among the audiophiles, Comply. Comply makes very good quality foam tips, these provide a punchier, deep, thumper bass section with a relaxed treble section. I couldn’t use my pair of BGVP DM6 without Comply Memory Foams as the pair is very bright and I get a peaky response in the treble section with silicone tips. The Comply foam tips are made up of good quality foams and don’t wear off or crack easily like other cheaper foam tips. These come in three different variants, Comply Foam Comfort with a dome-like structure providing better comfort, Comply Foam Isolation with a regular memory foam design providing better isolation, and Comply Foam Sport which offers a wide bore opening providing a forward sound representation.

So from now on before you get tired of fit issues with your current IEM’s we suggest you try ear tips rolling, it might change your opinion and you will be able to enjoy your in-ears easily and comfortably. If you have any questions or queries or need help choosing your next pair of IEM’s or tips, feel free to contact us at our Facebook page or mail us.

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