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China-based Kinera has made waves with their range of earphones over the years ranging from super budget to premium with their electrostatic flagship Nanna. With its own brand, Kinera, it has launched entry-level iron earbuds BD005, and advanced multi-unit moving iron earbuds such as iDUN and Odin.The Tyr has been designed to append that, delivering what Kinera states is a natural and smooth sound. Reviews:

Is the TYR the perfect cheap earbud? No, but I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better one at this price. It’s got warmth, character, and a pretty good soundstage all things considered. You could probably find a better earbud for $50, but at half the price, the TYR is a strong contender.

The TYR comes packing with the low end. The emphasis feels like it sits in the upper end of the low range instead of the ultra-lows.

The low-mids ride the boost applied to the upper-lows, but the middle of the spectrum sounds even-tempered. Then another boost comes in slightly above the typical vocal range, providing a slight sizzle (but thankfully none of the sibilance that hampered the SIF). So this means that thick rockin’ arrangements come in just as they should: thick and rockin’.

The ultra-highs feel rolled off, but there’s just enough to keep things crispy. There’s some slight distortion present in this range, so maybe too crispy for some. But I liked it.

Pros- GREAT sound for the price

Cons- Loose fit, the sound is not very neutral, nor super clean

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The Kinera Tyr is a surprisingly competent budget IEM with no deal-breaking sonic flaws. The inclusion of Final Type E tips in the package is a great added value.

The Kinera Tyr has a U-shaped sound signature.

The Kinera Tyr has a slight mid-bass hump and a fair amount of sub-bass roll-off. There is enough mid-bass to give drum hits impact and weight but not so much as to distract or overwhelm the listener.

There is a fair amount of mid-bass bleed into the lower midrange, which creates warmth and weight but not congestion. Male vocal intelligibility is excellent and is better than female vocal intelligibility. Male and female vocals are fairly even with each other.

The Tyr has a balanced lower treble presentation that is moderately detailed without being harsh. Upper treble extension is poor and the air is limited. Treble transients are slightly diffuse.

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The Kinera TYR is a really interesting little earphone with a good sound and loads of style. When you consider the package as a whole, it’s really compelling at this price. It’s very rare to see a budget IEM come with stock high-quality third-party ear tips too.

TYR surprised me with its generous bundle, its stylish minimalistic design and again with its quality tuning. It has a light V-shaped signature that has good detail retrieval, tonality and engagement.

Little TYR took no time in reminding me that micro drivers can pack some serious bass punch. Bass attack speed is on the slower side which gives it some thickness but the tidy decay prevents it from getting bogged down.

The lower midrange is warm with a little colouration carried over from the upper bass. This lends some richness to vocals and instruments but there’s still plenty of texture to be heard.

TYR’s treble is fairly relaxed and easygoing so it should be suitable for the treble-sensitive out there. There’s a significant bump at around 6kHz but fortunately, it doesn’t cause any real sibilance or stridency.

The soundstage is more on the intimate side of things and is fairly narrow but has good depth. Instrument separation is pretty good and TYR doesn’t suffer from congestion but at the same time, don’t expect this little budget IEM to be a master of layers.

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The TYR are the most affordable pair of earphones from Kinera and represents good value in their price bracket.
Although you can find other products in the same range with better technical performance and with a multi-driver setup, the TYR deserves attention thanks to their single DD, which is well-tuned and offer a pleasant, organic and natural signature.

low-end has good presence, moreover if we speak about the bass. It has a natural and fairly balanced response, while the sub-bass is not accentuated.
The bass is not the fastest I’ve heard from a dynamic driver, but this can definitely handle fast DnB tracks without feeling loose.

From the lower midrange to the upper mids we have a warm timbre that heats the scene and this contributes to making the TYR more intimate and organic sounding: both lower and upper midrange are boosted, influencing the sound signature with warmer male voices and energetic female vocals.

 The very upper range has a moderate roll-off while lower treble gains a tad more presence: this is probably due to the boosted upper midrange.

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In a sense, you can say the Kinera TYR is my “guilty pleasure” listens and I won’t deny that. Its tuning while needs a lot of improvement managed to go well with some of my favorite genres.

One of the strengths of the Kinera TYR seems to lies in electronic music and more specifically to me is Speedcore. While lacks punch and rumble, the earphone managed to have enough bass that makes it stays out of the “flat” region and provides enough energy to bring out the total 300+ bpm madness of this chaotic genre without being too overwhelming which impressive for a dynamic driver in an earphone this price range.

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When Final Audio’s E2000 first came through for review, I gushed about its stunningly natural and linear sound at a highly affordable price. The Tyr steps into a similar league, at a not unsubstantial 30% discount with added conveniences and a slightly more vibrant signature on top. Its closed-form factor also permits stronger noise isolation while its similarly slim form factor remains delightfully portable and comfortable. This is a natural, musical and well-balanced earphone.

 It presents a nicely balanced sound with a warm mid-bass that imbues its prominent vocals with inviting warmth. The upper-midrange and lower-treble have been attenuated in order to increase the density and smoothness of its midrange, resulting in a delightfully clean and coherent midrange. Meanwhile, the middle-treble has been brought forward, enhancing air and headroom. This is a natural and coherent sound that never lacks midrange clarity.

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Well for $29 these are a really fun listen, they don’t have the most linear response curve, however listening to them they are just quite fun and an easy listen. They are great as a backup pair, or just a low budget throw about daily IEM, the level of sound quality you can get at low prices really is getting better.

The lows on the Tyr are very well balanced with only the slightest attenuation in the sub-bass region, this little micro-driver can accurately present the lows with great detail and speed.

The midrange is very clean and there is minimal impact from the low end, which allows vocals and guitars to shine and they cut through the mix with a good amount of bite and clarity.

The little dip in the lower treble does rob the sound of a little excitement and brilliance, however there is a peak a little higher up that adds some space and air to the sound.

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Key highlights of the review: You can read about unboxing experience, build quality & design, fit & isolation, detailed sound impressions.


YouTube Reviews:


An affordable model with micro driver


iiiWi Reviews:

Kinera Tyr is a small and lightweight IEM with a good price.

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