Kinera Baldr Latest Multi-Driver Flagship IEM Released

Along with the Kinera Freya last month, we also unveiled our flagship pair of in-ear monitors, the Kinera Baldr. Kinera Baldr is a flagship pair with original oakwood ear shells and a powerful multi-driver hybrid setup. The beautiful earpieces houses a seven driver hybrid setup on each side consisting of four EST drivers, one dynamic driver, and two balanced armature drivers. This outstanding IEM is priced at 1399.99$.

Kinera Baldr-1

Technical Specifications:-

>Interface: 0.78 2-pin.
>Rated power: 3 mW.
>Impedance: 22 Ω.
>Distortion: <5%(1k Hz,100 db SPL).
>Wear type: Around the ear.
>Driver Combination:4 EST+1 DD+2 BA.
>Frequency response range: 5Hz- 50kHz.
>Cable length: 1.2 m.

Kinera Baldr And Norse Mythology:-

Kinera has been designing its latest products with influence from the gods from the Norse Mythology. Baldr is no different, Baldr is the god of light, joy, and purity according to Norse Mythology. He is very strong and the design of the IEM reflects the strong and stable build with the premium Oakwood ear shells.

Powerful Multi-Driver Setup Providing Rich Sound Output:-

The Flagship Kinera Baldr houses a powerful multi-driver hybrid setup consisting of four electrostatic drivers, one Kinera self-developed powerful 7mm micro-dynamic driver, and two Knowles balanced armature units. The pair provides a high-resolution sound output with rich detailing and crisp clarity. The pair provides the users with impactful deep bass, natural lifelike vocals, and a brilliantly detailed treble portion.

Outstanding Detailing with Four Sonion EST Drivers:-

The Kinera Baldr produces outstanding details and a well-extended treble portion thanks to the four Sonion EST driver units. They are tuned with utmost precision and professional audio engineers to provide the users with rich high-resolution sound output and brilliant instruments detailing.

Acoustic Three-Way Sound Frequency Division:-

The Kinera Baldr has professionally designed acoustic three-way frequency division technology that provides a precise connection between the multiple driver units. It ensures that none of the frequencies leaks to the other segments and make your music sound distortion-free and rich.

Premium Gold-Plated Cable With Universal 0.78mm Two-Pin Connectors:-

Kinera Baldr-2

The Kinera Baldr has premium gold-plated single crystal copper cable with universal 0.78mm two-pin connectors. The cable consists of four strands with a total of 196 cores. The outer skin on the cable is soft, comfy, transparent, and environment friendly golden luster. Termination plug on these cables are made up of gold-plated copper material.

Premium Oakwood Earshells:-

The earpieces in Kinera Baldr are made up of premium oakwood material. The oak tree is regarded as a symbol of tough quality. It is made with 16 special processes. The earpieces have a strong stable build that doesn’t deform, crack, or lost its color. Each unit of Baldr has a unique natural oakwood grain appearance.

Premium IEM Comes With Premium Accessories:-

The Kinera Baldr comes with a lot of accessories that reflect the flagship status of the pair. In addition to gold-plated single crystal copper cables with 3.5mm and 2.5mm termination plugs it also comes with a variety of conversion adapters. The package also has 6 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes. There is also a high-quality premium leather carry case that allows the users to carry their IEM with safety and comfort.

Kinera Baldr-3

We previously provided our users a brilliant flagship IEM in the form of Kinera Nanna, and the Kinera Baldr is an upgrade to the Nanna. It has a seven driver hybrid setup, comes bundled with premium cables, and the ear shells are very beautifully made with premium oakwood material. It surely is worthy of its flagship tag, Users can grab this awesome pair at a price of 1399.99$.

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