Precision marketing and Keen strategic vision of Yutai

“Precision marketing and a keen strategic vision are necessary qualities to occupy the market.”
:- Yu Dequan, President of Dongguan Yutai Electronics Co., Ltd. (KINERA)

Gentle, modest, and prudent, but no lack of entrepreneurial spirit of active pioneering and facing difficulties, are the key factors for Yu Dequan, the founder of Yutai brand. He has been running Yutai Electronics(Kinera) in the crowded audio industry for a long time and has maintained a really good name for his brand. Since its establishment in 2010, Yutai Electronics has grown from a manufacturer of Micro-speaker equipment to a brand enterprise integrating Research & Development, Production of high-fidelity audio gears. They have now occupied about 90% of the audio market with their class-leading product range.
In recent years, Yutai Electronics have developed single speaker core technology, and have a number of patented inventions in their profession that will inject new life to the earphone industry. This technology is widely used in different high-precision industries including, the hearing aid industry, military use, and more. The brand has excelled in earphone design, dynamic driver diaphragm design, new product introduction, in which the market has a tough competition. They started from nothing and now they are producing class-leading excellent products with brilliant looks and outstanding sound output.

Innovative, enterprising, and building an independent brand to the world


“Market positioning is very important. It is very difficult to find a market that is invisible to others. You need to always maintain a keen strategic vision.” Yu Dequan said frankly when reviewing the development of the company’s start-up period. Yutai Electronics has always taken a unique approach to reach its consumer base, they have focused not only on the domestic market but also on the overseas international market where the requirements for high-end audio equipment is always high. They promoted their own brand “Kinera” to the world, and actively participated in various large-scale exhibitions both domestic and international. This brought a lot of international consumer base to the brand.

Today, the “Kinera” brand trademark has established good business contacts and co-operative relations internationally in countries like Japan, South Korea, Germany, the UK, the US, Australia, Russia, and more. The brand has passed ISO9001(2000) international quality system certification, 3C certification, and successively passed CE(European certification system), GS(German certification system), UL(American certification system), PSE(Japanese certification system), and FCC international safety certification, etc.
Kinera has always been adhering to the concept of “Pioneering and Innovating”. They have professional teams with years of experience in R&D, sticking to the road of technological innovation, and constantly developing new products. With continuous progress and innovation, Kinera has successively won several awards including the “IT Vendor Channel Influence Channel Sincere Co-operation Award”, “Internet Cafe Procurement Preferred Partner”, “Best Marketing Award”, “Japan Industrial Design Association Good Design Award”, and many more.

Focus on the long-term and actively seek a breakthrough across the border

This year, the outbreak and spread of overseas epidemics have decreased the global economy heavily. As Yutai Electronics, which have heavy business overseas, the situation is extremely complex and severe, and uncertainties have been increasing. On the basis of the national policy advocating the development of internal circulation, the company will focus more on the domestic market in the future.
However, to switch from overseas to domestic, product innovation is not enough. After an in-depth analysis of the domestic market and the characteristics of its own products, Yu Deguan believes that he must first create products that adapt to the domestic market before they can be deployed.

After a period of exploration and R&D, Yutai Electronics is working on a “Bluetooth + Hearing Aid” innovative product in a cross-border form in 2021. It is designed to be connected with a software application that will solve the inconvenience of traditional hearing aid users who need equipment amplification. At the same time, the appearance of the products will also feature classy elegant looks, such as joint names and fashion designs. Such products will be mainly used in the medical and education industries.
In addition, Yu Dequan is also constantly broadening his horizons, focusing on other special markets, such as film and television shooting scenes and headset applications in live-action games, exploring more possibilities for competing in the future headset equipment market.

Benefit Of the Society:-

Talking about the original intention of starting a business, Yu Dequan said that he was born in a medical family and under the influence of his family environment, he had a sense of mission to society and mankind since childhood. In the process of growing up, he is constantly improving his own realm. “All the hardships experienced is the most precious wealth in a person’s growth.” Yu Dequan said that he regards the development of enterprises as a personal practice. He believes that the development of enterprises should be deduced from cause and effect from a certain height.
Years of hard work have allowed Yu Dequan to promote the development of the enterprise with a naturalistic vision. “Developing enterprises to benefit society is a more efficient way”.

Yutai Electronics is headquartered in Building N6, Group 3, Phase 1, T5, Tianan Digital City. As a new company, Yu Dequan said that the main reason for choosing T5 is that the industrial chain is relatively complete, and the company’s suppliers are also in the park. So the cooperation and interconnection between the two parties is also relatively convenient.
Yu Dequan’s most intuitive feeling about the park is the perfect supporting facilities, a superior living environment, and a good development atmosphere. At the same time, he also expects that the park’s industrial resource introduction, entrepreneur exchanges, and other operational services will become better and better, and continue to inject development momentum into the enterprise.

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