Kinera BD005 Pro Latest 3D Printed Budget IEM Released

Kinera, A name you all trust for your beloved in-ear monitors. We are so grateful and happy with all the love our products receive from the community. We as a brand are dedicated always to deliver the best audio experience within your budget. Our BD005 pair of in-ear monitors received many positive feedbacks from the audio communities in Japan,  South Korea, and Southeast Asia. We are bringing that legacy forward with our latest Kinera BD005 Pro IEMs with 3D printed earpieces. We know you will shower love and positive reviews on our latest BD005 Pro. It has a price tag of just 49$ and can be grabbed from our distributors.



>3D Printed Earpieces.

>9.2mm Beryllium Diaphragm Dynamic Driver Unit.

>Custom tuned 30095 series high-frequency BA driver.

>2-Pin 0.78mm Connectors.

>Impedance: 26Ω.

>Frequency Response Range: 20Hz-20kHz.

>Sensitivity: 108±2dB.

>Termination Plug: 3.5mm.


Re-birth Of A Classic:-

Ever since its release in 2017, the Kinera BD005 has been a very successful pair in Japan, South Korea, and Southeast Asia regions. We are the necessary changes depending on the feedback from the community with our latest finely crafted and finely tuned BD005 Pro.

Kinera BD005 Pro-1

Hi-Fi Audio Experience:-

We have equipped the BD005 Pro with a large 9.2mm beryllium diaphragm dynamic driver unit paired with a custom-tuned 30095 BA unit on both sides. The DD driver produces a lively, energetic lower end while the BA driver ensures crisp clarity and smooth detailing throughout the frequency spectrum. You are gonna love the smooth, detailed sound quality and appreciate its high-resolution clarity, deep punchy bass, and beautiful vocals.

Kinera BD005 Pro-3

3D-Printed Ear Shell Cavities:-

With good acoustic performance, a pair of earphones should also have beautiful looks for a rich premium feeling. We did a lot of research and development on unit design, acoustic structure, and a database of thousands of different ear shapes to develop a design that provides a universal comfy fit with excellent acoustic structure.


Exquisite Looks:-

The earpieces are purely handcrafted to create an exquisite appearance and look. The cavity is in pure solid color inlaid with a gorgeous gold texture that creates an appealing look and finish. It actually looks quite delicate and premium.

Kinera BD005 Pro-2

Detachable Cable Design:-

Feel free to wander the world of upgrade cables as the pair is equipped with universal 0.78mm two-pin connectors. The package includes a 4-core silver-plated cable with a microphone. Enjoy wireless features with Bluetooth cable(available separately), or upgrade to pure-silver or copper cable without any trouble.

We hope you love our latest pair like you always do, this motivates us to do more, create more, and deliver more interesting innovative audio products!! Thank you.

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