Kinera Freya Released In All-New Sparkling Blue Color!!

When we were designing the Kinera Freya, our idea was to create an IEM that matched the qualities of the brave Goddess Freya from Norse Mythology. We assigned a team of professional artists to design the beautiful hand-painted earpieces to do justice to the name of Freya. And we delivered, we are super happy with the response that the pair got from the community. It is easily one of the most beautiful pair of in-ear monitors currently in the market. Earlier we released the Freya in two different color options, Black and White.

The white Freya has the beauty of red, the tenderness of purple, and the fearlessness of gold. While the Black Freya is a mix of black and Blue, appearing as if blue light is sparkling in the night sky. Each Freya unit was designed with a unique mixture of intricate artistry & meticulous craftsmanship. While both of the colors were received and praised very well by the community, we have designed the goddess Freya in an all-new Avatar.

The Sparkling Blue Kinera Freya:-

Kinera Freya has got a complete look with its all-new Sparkling Blue color. The earpieces have a beautiful hand-painted finish with gradients of blue and purple as a glittery base with a beautiful White design on it. The pair looks like a sparkling night sky with glittery stars to looks at. This new contrast on the ear shells is very eye-catchy and presents the beloved goddess Freya in a completely new look. We are pretty sure you are gonna love the all-new sparkling blue Freya with its all-new design and finish.

Have a look at all-new Kinera Freya here:-

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