Kinera Imperial Odin ( Odin 2.0 ) Launch

Kinera is so proud to present to you the new avatar of our highly-acclaimed multi-BA flagship IEM Odin, meet the all-new Kinera Imperial Odin. Kinera Odin has been one of our very first flagship projects. It has always inspired us to create better more and more high-quality products for the community. Today, we are updating the Odin to the Imperial Odin with a series of new upgrades that bring new meaning to our flagship, that makes it closer to the God Odin.

Story Behind Odin(According to the Norse Myths):- Legends say there once was a barbarian who seeks the well of wisdom, a holy spring that holds the infinite knowledge of the world and power beyond imagination. The man was determined to drink from it and harness its power. However, the well demands a tribute. He, unshaken by the request, sacrifices his left eye to the well then hung himself upside down for nine days and nine nights. After the sacrifice, he drank from the well and became the wisest man.

This man’s name was Odin, once a barbarian, now a god amongst gods and men, king of the dead, and supreme ruler of the nine realms. New updates that help us made the Odin to the Imperial Odin:

Hand-Painted Ear Cavities:- Everyone loved the sparkly, lustrous finish of the OG Odin available in two different color options, Violet and Black. We, at Kinera, have redesigned the new Imperial Odin with a unique hand-painting technique. Imperial Odin will be available in Black color with a thunderous lightning hand-painted design by professional artists. Each unit of Imperial Odin carries a unique look. We are pretty positive about this new design and we know you are gonna love this too!!

Designer Packaging with Slogan: We have been redesigning our Packaging to match our designer IEM sets. Imperial Odin comes in a colorful designer package with a slogan right on the front. The slogan reads, “They Are Privileged To Lie Prostrate At My Feet”, something only the God Odin can say!!

Imported 3D Acoustic Tube Design:- We have designed the inner acoustic cavity of the Imperial Odin with premium high-density mirror material tubes providing an effective medium for the audio signal to travel from the drivers to the ear nozzle without any interference or distortion. Imperial Odin features three tubes of different lengths, 15mm, 12mm, and 8mm respectively. This helps in effectively reducing the distortion and interference caused by multiple-driver units and provides a natural and pure sound for the users.

Custom Set of Ear Tips: We have bundled the Imperial Odin with a new set of custom ear tips. The package includes Custom JH-FY009-B silicone ear tips that have a grey oval-shaped outer silicone and blue inner nozzle tube. The pair provides an excellent fit. Bundle also includes Final Audio Type-E, Custom Foam, and Custom RS-B45 ear tips.

Leather Zipper Carry Case:- Not only a new set of ear tips, but we have also replaced the simple plastic earphone carry case bundled with the original Odin with a new zipper leather carry case for the Imperial Odin. Now carry your earphones safe with style.

High-Purity Hybrid cable with Metallic connectors and Balanced 4.4mm Termination:- Another main difference we have done with the Imperial Odin is the bundled cable. While the original Odin came with an OCC copper cable with single-ended 3.5mm termination. We have updated the package of Imperial Odin with a better, high-purity copper and silver-plated mixed hybrid cable with a balanced 4.4mm Pentaconn termination. And hey don’t worry, we have also got our single-ended users with a premium 4.4mm-3.5mm connector in the package. There’s also a 4.4mm-2.5mm balanced adapter for users who have 2.5mm termination in their source.

Metallic Ear Nozzle: Original Kinera Odin had a full resin build right from the nozzle to the end faceplate, we have updated the nozzle to a high-quality metallic nozzle that provides a more comfortable experience for users. With all these upgrades, we have made sure our new Imperial Odin produces the same natural and reference-grade sound output but with better clarity thanks to the new high-purity balanced cable bundled in the package. We are pretty sure you are gonna love the new thunderous hand-painting on the shells that our professional engineers have made with their love and professionalism. We are really excited to launch this revamped Imperial Odin for our fans and followers, hope you give it all the love you have always provided our products with. The Kinera Imperial Odin is officially launching today with a price tag of 849$, you will soon be able to grab yours from our online partners.


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