Kinera’s Designer officially shows us New Freya by JD on a live show

In the past few years, live-streaming has become a rapidly growing trend, with all manners of companies appearing and directly interacting with their consumers online via Livestream. And who is more qualified to talk about a product other than the company designers themselves?

Yesterday, June,8th, Kinera just launched an online event showing in their official flagship online store of for their latest IEM, Freya. It is the first time ever that all the audiophiles from China got to meet this “Goddess”, and the fans are already going crazy over it even though it is not for sale yet,  just for pre-sale.

The lead designer showcased the new IEM and walked us through the painting process live. She revealed to us step by step live how these beautiful IEMs are made.

Every single pattern painted on the Freya is different because each pair is hand-painted.  It takes approximately 3 full hours to paint one single pair of Kinera’s Freya IEM. Although the company can make only a few pairs per day, it will manufacture more in the upcoming months. So you will have your own unique “Goddess” who will always bring you beauty and power.

The designer also brought giveaways IEM of Freya during the live show, and that drove fans crazy. There will be a giveaway for the International market soon in the following days, So follow us on FB to stay updated.

Availability and Price:

If all of you find none of that surprising, perhaps you will be surprised when you hear how good they sound…and they come at a relatively affordable price relative to recent offerings from other companies.

The Kinera Freya will be available on June 18th, 2020 for just $249.99.

More information will be available soon.
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