Kinera Freya Review Round Up – 1

We are really happy with the responses we are getting for our latest multi-driver hybrid pair of in-ear monitors, the goddess Freya. It was released internationally last month, and reviewers around the globe received the units for reviewing too. Today, we are going to share with you what these reviewers have to say about the Goddess Freya.

About Kinera Freya:-

Kinera Freya is a latest beautifully designed pair of in-ear monitors with a multi-driver hybrid setup on each side consisting of one precisely tuned DD unit paired with three BA units. Freya utilizes these powerful drivers, tuned to deliver crisp sound at an extensive range of sound frequencies with minimum power. It is designed to deliver impactful bass, natural midrange, clear treble, and precise imaging.
And it is not only about sound, your one look at the beautiful Freya will make you fall in love with it. It is designed by professional designers after months of intensive research, experimentation with several materials, and hand-painting techniques. The chief designer of Kinera found the perfect colors and painting materials suitable for expressing the beauty of the goddess Freya.

Reviews of Kinera Freya:-


I enjoyed the Kinera Freya and I believe it to be exactly where it should be price-wise. They strike a balance in performance and price that works in the modern market.
The balance also exists in the fact that the Kinera Freyas has a touch of the old world charm and craftsmanship mingled in with modern technology.
Do I have any complaints about the Kinera Freya? First of all, I dare not say because I do not want to insult the Gods. But it is not that at all. It’s the fact that I do not have any. The Gods are happy. I can tell. The Seidr magic has worked and it has pleased the Gods, myself, and I am sure it will please you. Enjoy! — By Louis Gonzalez of Headfonics check out his complete review here.

Everyday Listening:-

The second I lay eyes on the Freya’s design, I couldn’t help but want to love it. Kinera went through a rough patch, experimenting, tweaking but also learning, and it’s clear here that this process wasn’t in vain. What has emerged is something quite beautiful. Every minute Kinera artists have spent on each shell shows. Further yet, though making a statement with its design, the sound is simply pleasant and musical.
If you’re looking for powerful vocals complemented by a light and atmospheric presentation, the Freya is a beautiful and nicely refined example. Check out there complete review here.


I feel that the Kinera Freya is a very nice, flavorful, recommendable IEM that people should know about. The Freya does deserve commendation for its looks, its comfort, and many aspects of its sound. I personally prefer something a bit more neutral, but if you’re into a mid-forward, vocal-centric, slightly warm, and “sweet” sound signature, the Freya is worth consideration.–By Evan Caplinger of Headphonesty check out his complete review here.

So you see, everybody is loving and praising the Goddess Freya!! We know you will love it too.

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