Kinera Freya Review Round Up-2

Kinera Freya is a hybrid pair of IEM’s that we designed with utmost love and professional tuning. Audiophiles from all around the globe loved our Goddess Freya and the pair grabbed a lot of praises and whistles from various reviewers too. Previously we have shared what professionals at,, and have to say about our goddess, You can check that here. Today we are sharing what other reviewers think about our beloved Freya.

Kinera Freya:-

Kinera Freya is our latest pair of hybrid driver in-ear monitors featuring beautiful looks and is equipped with a four-driver hybrid setup on each side. It is one of our beloved creations designed by professional designers after months of research, experimentation, and hand-painting techniques. Our chief designer found the perfect colors and painting materials suitable for expressing the beauty of the goddess Freya. The pair not only just looks beautiful, it produces a lively energetic sound output too. Let’s see what some reviewers have to say about our beloved Freya.

The Freya earphone pieces resemble bits of peppermint candy and have a stylish gloss to give them an aura of beauty. Each pair is hand-painted and carefully crafted. It goes along with the “prestige” IEM aesthetic a lot of pricey earphones are going for, such as lines from Noble, or Campfire Audio. Not only is there a respectful amount of balance and neutrality in the low end, but there’s also enough extension to achieve a profound sub-bass effect. The lows separate gracefully, and with an ample amount of gain as it sits in your jaw. Bass tracks are articulately defined and balanced with low, mid instrumentations with ease. The Freya makes full use of its mid-range extension, as fundamentals come in with pristine detail. There’s a more forward nature to the overall amplitude of this range, giving elements like vocal ranges a more intimate character. The mids are the centerpiece of the Freya, taking enough of the limelight to stand out in a significant way. The high end includes some sweetness and a lively bulk on volume. Higher frequencies avoid harshness by smoothing out specific bands, and without losing any sense of fidelity. Highs feel like they sit just above you and dance around with an aura of comfort.

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The Freya is certainly out to impress. They arrive in a big, hexagonal box that is beautifully prepared. The packaging is very feminine and painterly. There are two inserts describing the product, its inspirations, and the process of its creation. There’s a very celestial look to the pair, with the gold hinting at Freya’s affinity for luxury. The white version makes heavy use of pink and purple for a very feminine look. The black version I received points to its black as evocative of Freya’s armor. I much prefer the black, which is likely to be the case for many men considering these. This type of opulence isn’t for everyone, but I personally find it very eye-catching and unique.

The Freya sound remarkably well rounded. The treble boost isn’t sharp but it does draw out the fine details in acoustic music and in tracks that emphasize strings and cymbals. The low end wasn’t overstated, giving a good sense of scale without necessarily being bass-heavy. The soundstage is reasonably good for an IEM but is still more intimate than an over-ear headphone. The layering of sounds — think of a mix in layers of overlapping sounds — is excellent.

The overarching impression I’m left with is that the Freya’s look great, sound great, and play it safe. They don’t push too heavily into any one direction, even with the slight enhancements to bass and treble. I enjoyed listening to everything from metal, to pop, the light acoustic and they performed admirably but because they didn’t “pop” in any one area, I’m left with appearance as their most remarkable quality.

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Kinera Freya is a gorgeous looking IEM with a very impressive face-plate design. Kinera claims that these shells are hand-painted which to me is even more impressive because of the asking price of this model. The result is simply great and especially the face-plate area is outstanding. The Kinera Freya has a great sound performance for the price. If you don’t have the budget to go with the Nanna model, you can get the Freya with a fraction of the price and you can be very happy with it. This aggressive price bracket will result in very well for Kinera in my opinion. The IEM sounds like a leaner version of the Nanna with less coloration in the mid-range and less quantity in the bass region. The overall presentation is close to neutral with very good resolution and transparency. Treble extension is well done and treble resolution is quite nice. There’s plenty of articulation and air. On the tonality side, things are also very good with breathy instruments and vocals. The note size is not that big but the timbre is very realistic with the Freya. I think the Kinera Freya will turn a lot of heads in the near future for its looks and its sound performance.

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We are really happy that people are loving our Goddess Freya. Your love for the goddess Freya empowers us to do more and create many new products for you all.

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