Kinera Nanna Review Roundup

We are really grateful for all the love that our friends give to our products. We assure our dear friends and audiophiles from around the globe that our professional engineers are working day and night to create life-like natural sounding IEMs for you all. Last November we released the Goddess Nanna for you all as our flagship pair of in-ear monitors featuring a hybrid setup of four drivers on each side. This beautifully crafted product features our finely tuned dynamic driver for the lower end, one BA driver for the mids, and two EST units that handle the high and ultra-high frequencies. The pair received a lot of love and praise from you all and today we are going to share with you all that famous reviewers have to say about this gem.


Kinera Nanna:-

We at Kinera design our products with references to the gods of Norse Mythology because our IEM’s are made with all the love and hard work of our engineers. Goddess Nanna is the goddess of Joy and Peace according to the Norse mythology and when you look at the pair it surely looks like a goddess. It is a finely tuned pair of in-ear monitors with a four-driver hybrid setup on each side featuring one 7mm micro dynamic driver, one BA driver, and two EST drivers.


Reviews for Kinera Nanna:-

The Kinera Nanna is a very nice looking IEM with a gorgeous yet elegant design. The build quality is satisfying and quite impressive with a seamless transition and an integrated nozzle structure. Kinera Nanna is an excellent IEM and I think it has one of the best treble performances in the market right now. Highs are simply phenomenal and if you like your treble to be sparkling, this is one the IEMs that you should look for. Other aspects like bass quality and depth, sound-stage, and smooth mid reproduction are the other things that shine in this IEM.

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The Nanna is an earphone that plays well with many genres, ranging from pop music to lounge jazz. It fares well across a multitude of genres without sounding too thin nor too bloated. I applaud Kinera for having the gusto for being at the forefront of the IEM industry, being one of the few bullish brands brave enough to incorporate electret drivers into the Nanna. I am flabbergasted by the Nanna’s sonic prowess and its penchant for both clarity and its remarkable midrange. This is a sign of promising things to come.

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The articulate electrostatic drivers actually sound like they are being driven properly, particularly if you throw a bit of power at them with a decent DAP.

There is nothing laid back about the Kinera Nanna sound but neither does it sound edgy or harsh with just a slight hint of upper-most treble fade to keep it from sounding brittle. The effect is excellent with plenty of depth and airiness in its height but with a light-touch tone and ethereal quality to its mids instrumental and vocal timbre.

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What these IEMs can do, is make every single track in your music library impressive. It sounds so different and impressive that I couldn’t recognize the songs that I always listen to at first instance. While reviewing I usually skip through songs saying this is not a good track to test, But with the Kinera Nanna, every single track sounded like it is a remastered. They can respond to the lower end in a beautiful way that is absolutely pleasurable but not overdone. These are one of my favorite flagship IEM’s under 1000$.

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The pair has a very engaging and impressive treble portion with crazy resolution and really really good layering giving you an amazing presence and sense of layering. Violins, Piano, and other instruments with harmonic distortion sound really nice and smooth. They are not harsh or sibilant even a bit. The pair sounds pretty natural and is not fatiguing at all.

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We are really happy with all the love that our beloved Nanna is receiving from you all. This motivates us to work even harder to create more outstanding products for our beloved audiophile community.

Thank you.

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